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kienna replied to topic 3 1/2 year old refusing to toilet train

Hi, Unfortunately, I don't have any advice, just sympathy! We are having exactly the same problem. We've checked there is no infections, but everyone either says she is not ready, or you have to ...

Sunday 05 April 04:33pm

kienna replied to topic Obsessed - 3yo not yet TT,and doing my head in

Wow, can't say how much better this makes me feel. At least I know I'm not the only parent - it makes you feel like a failure, especially when everyone else you know has success! It seems that mo...

Wednesday 11 March 07:50pm

kienna replied to topic Obsessed - 3yo not yet TT,and doing my head in

Dear Robyn, You have my greatest sympathies, I have a 3.5 yr old who shows no interest at all. We have tried three times and she doesn't seem remotely interested, except wants to sit on toilet my ...

Tuesday 24 February 07:54pm

kienna replied to topic too busy to notice

My daughter now 3yrs and I tried toilet training for at least 8 weeks. Basically I took her to the toilet about every hour and when i didn't she had an accident, which didn't seem to bother her at ...

Monday 03 November 07:02pm

kienna started new topic Are 1 hour toilet stops being to pushy?

Hello, I'd like to find out what people think about taking your child off to the toilet every 45mins to an hour when starting toilet training. I'm getting alot of conflicting reports! My plan was t...

Sunday 03 August 07:19am

kienna started new topic Mega stressed out, don't know what to do!

Hello, I'm looking for help, I'm frustrated, upset blah blah blah, oh and feeling like a bad mum! My 2yrs 10mnth old is not toilet trained. She has been weeing on the toilet for at least 10 months ...

Saturday 19 July 08:44am

kienna replied to topic Oprah - autism - scary stuff

It has been very interesting to read this post. I wish all the parents with children who have these 'problems' all the best, it must be incredibly difficult. I don't personally know anyone who deal...

Thursday 01 May 05:51pm

kienna replied to topic ANyone tt without child being able to tell you whe

Yah, this is the best advice I've seen on TT! I always feel so confused, like there is heaps of advice, but it felt like I was missing a step! I tried it for one day, and it was an absolute disaste...

Monday 28 April 06:45pm

kienna replied to topic 2yr in bed now wont sleep

Mmm, wondering if she is becoming afraid of the dark or something. She has one day sleep around 1pm, generally awake around 3-3.30pm. It has gone later though, so maybe I should wake her if it go...

Monday 21 January 05:59pm

kienna started new topic 2yr in bed now wont sleep

Help, my two year old used to sleep beautifully, and has in a week turned into a monster. We have a prebed routine, dinner, bath, drink of milk, stories, songs and in bed. She is now getting out ...

Sunday 20 January 01:49pm

kienna replied to topic Favourite Dinners!!!

A favourite for us is shepherds pie, for parents as well as 11 month and 2.5 years. I can't give exact recipe but in the mince I add diced onion, carrot, sometimes brocoli and frozen peas, plus to...

Friday 18 January 06:23pm

kienna replied to topic 3 Yr Old - Refusing to eat dinner!!

While I'm sorry you guys are experiencing this, I can't tell you how much better I feel that it's not just me! It is so frustrating! I put my 2.5 year old in her chair and give her her dinner and...

Friday 18 January 06:16pm

kienna replied to topic night time nappy removal...

Hi, you have my greatest sympathies, this is bloody hard to deal with! We had a problem with my daughter taking her nappies off, but she was only about 16months and we ended up putting her in all ...

Sunday 30 December 08:38pm

kienna replied to topic Looking For Mums on The NorthSide

Hi everyone, I am also finding this thread ages after but I live in Dunlop too and would love to meet mums in the area!! I am older (36) but don't hold that against me! Have two girls, 2 and 10mo...

Wednesday 19 December 06:48pm

kienna replied to topic Should i be concerned if my baby isn't drinking the recommended amount????

Hi, my first baby did this after a period of drinking the recommended amount, and we panicked thinking reflux or something and tried hard to get her to drink more! Of course, she wasn't happy abou...

Saturday 01 September 03:55pm

kienna replied to topic Toddler Toothbrushing

You have my greatest sympathies! This was one of the hardest thing to do for my daughter (23months) and although it still isn't great, it's getting better! i tried her standing on a stool over th...

Tuesday 07 August 05:17pm

kienna started new topic how to keep 20mnth old in bed

We would like to put our 20mnth old into a bed, meaning that the cot will be ready for our 3mnth old. The bed has been in the room for over a year, so she is used to it. We have put a side rail o...

Sunday 20 May 05:06pm

kienna started new topic Ideas on teaching child to use cutlery

Hello All, Looking for ideas and experiences with kids (ours is 20months) feeding themselves with a spoon or fork. Our precious little one holds the spoon or fork, dips into food, takes it up to h...

Sunday 20 May 04:57pm

kienna replied to topic Sandwiches...

It is such a relief to read that my daughter is 'normal'. She goes through stages, when she is eating sandwiches lunch is easy, but mostly she doesn't... She licks vegemite, peanut butter and jam...

Wednesday 02 May 10:29am

kienna replied to topic What type of Bread

We only have wholemeal at home, but we do have whitebread if we are out and no other alternative! Also have fruitloaf for toast and a change!! Seems to work well, except then she decides she no l...

Wednesday 02 May 10:23am
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