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Stace-Corey replied to topic who rocked bub to sleep?

I rocked or fed my ds to sleep up until he was 12mths which was only 6 weeks ago, even though I was happy doing it, I knew I had to give it up and teach him to go to sleep on his own, Ive read lot...

Wednesday 14 March 01:13pm

Stace-Corey started new topic Anyone taken their toddler skiing?

My DS will be 18mths when we plan to go to Melbourne & skiiing in Mt Buller for a holiday. Im very nervous about this, my husband & I have done alot of travelling before having a baby and although...

Wednesday 07 March 01:22pm

Stace-Corey replied to topic Starting Playgroup - what age???

Hi I took my 12mth old son to Playgroup last week for the first time, he was the youngest in the group as it varied from around 15mths - 3yrs however I think he still enjoyed the interaction. I ...

Tuesday 13 February 01:42pm

Stace-Corey started new topic 12mth Immunisations - How was your bub?

Hi just wondering how anyone else's bubs were after there 12mth needles. My son had his on friday HIB, MenCCV & MMR and he is extremely grizzly still today. He isnt being naughty just seems tired...

Tuesday 13 February 01:29pm

Stace-Corey replied to topic routines for 1 yr olds???

Hi there Well my little man has never been the greatest sleeper, however he has just turned 1 and this has been his routine recently: 6am - Wakes and we have breakfast, he has 1&1/2 vita brits wi...

Saturday 03 February 01:24pm

Stace-Corey replied to topic Baby never crawlled before she walked - BIG falls

Hi There I found this post as I was looking for this topic as I am kind of at a loss of what to do with my son, he's 11mths old, never crawled properly (just commando) and now just wants to walk w...

Tuesday 09 January 10:26am

Stace-Corey replied to topic Prune Juice

hi there the same happened with my son, i tried the prune juice diluted in some water when he was about 5mths and we had no dramas it really helped him as it was horrible watching him struggle to ...

Tuesday 12 September 08:15am

Stace-Corey replied to topic Would love to help with Sleep problems

Hi Laura Thank you for the opportunity to throw my problems your way and possibly get some positive & hopefully succesful advice. My DS is 26weeks old and we have no routine in our lives and im f...

Friday 28 July 01:37pm

Stace-Corey started new topic I need Help! Almost 6mths and still waking!

Im starting to feel a little mentally not to mention physically drained. My son is 5&1/2mths and he just wont sleep for more than 4hrs at night. Sometimes less. He is having 2 solid meals a day,...

Thursday 29 June 06:03am

Stace-Corey replied to topic Nightwaking, hungry or habit?

Im just getting over a very restless night so I'll apologise ahead if I carry on too long. My boy is 18weeks old and for the last couple of weeks we have been stuggling to get some night routine, ...

Friday 02 June 08:45am

Stace-Corey replied to topic Adjusting to being a mum

Im still adjusting and my son is 4&1/2mths now. My life was very busy before Corey and there's certainly no regrets but it can get lonely at times. Silly me never joined a mums group and now feel...

Tuesday 30 May 01:55pm

Stace-Corey replied to topic A little puzzled-whinging alot!!

hi there my boy is 18weeks, but around 15weeks he started this, once i was able to leave him to play and be amused by the simplist of things (light fittings) now he just wants to be where the acti...

Tuesday 30 May 09:56am

Stace-Corey started new topic How do I start formula feeding?

I have a 4mth bub and fully breastfeed. Have been thinking about putting him on some formula to see if it helps him sleep through longer at night, at the moment he's waking up (usually twice) thro...

Wednesday 24 May 07:53am

Stace-Corey started new topic HELP with 4mth bub Waking thru night

Hi there Hoping that you can share some advice/tips with me. At around 10weeks my son "was" sleeping from 830pm - 4am then feed and back to sleep til 7am, this was great! But for the last couple ...

Tuesday 23 May 01:34pm

Stace-Corey replied to topic ANY BABIES BORN 22ND JANRUARY 2006???????

My boy was born 22.01.06 Name: Corey John Due Date: 19/01/06 DOB: 22/01/06 Time: 12.42pm Weight: 7lb14oz Length: 52cms Swan Districts Hospital Perth - WA How's your little girl going? whats she...

Wednesday 10 May 10:37am

Stace-Corey started new topic No Period - Can I fall pregnant again?

I am breastfeeding & I havent had a period yet and was wondering if i want to fall pregnant again, can I if im not getting my period.. how does this all work??

Wednesday 22 March 09:57pm

Stace-Corey started new topic Babies big sleep is at the wrong time..

My baby is almost 8 weeks old and although we are getting a longer sleep from him now its at the wrong time.. he usually has a feed at about 6.30 and then i bath him after his bath he has a little...

Friday 17 March 12:18pm

Stace-Corey started new topic Exercise after a Ceaserean

Hi there, I am just wondering if anyone knows how hard i can exercise after a ceaserean, i was quite fit before bub's (he's now 7weeks old) and am keen to get back into the exercise, only i am not ...

Tuesday 14 March 12:20pm

Stace-Corey started new topic Expressing - how much is a decent feed?

Hi there Not only am i new to this forum, i have just started to express today.. Firstly i have a 5week old baby boy (my 1st bub). I dont seem to be getting much milk when expressing so any tips...

Wednesday 01 March 05:29pm
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