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Member197353 replied to topic Which Hospital Gold Coast or Logan

Congratulations to you. I am also a mom of 3 adorable kids. I know how hard it is to choose a good hospital. Today I want to tell you the story of my friend. So, a good friend of mine found out tha...

Wednesday 29 January 01:10am

Member197353 replied to topic Where to buy domperidone w/o prescription?

Hello everyone. I am sorry for a little bit offtopic, but, does anyone know how to pass a drug test? I've been using some prohibited substances, and now I am really afraid that I can be caught...

Wednesday 22 January 11:54pm

Member197353 replied to topic Saliva test when visiting the doctor

Member037777 wrote: Is it ok to be asked to pass the saliva test when visiting a doctor during pregnancy? What they are thinking? That my wife's taking drugs while being pregnant? They are re...

Friday 17 January 12:16pm

Member197353 replied to topic Yoga & Pilates while TTC

Kelly-90 wrote: I can't find any preconception yoga or pilates classes in Canberra. So I was wondering if anyone knows if it is safe to do either or both while TTC? I would also like to know i...

Monday 23 December 02:09am

Member197353 replied to topic 2nd Trimester Weight loss

Hi moms. I hope the birth took place well and the baby is healthy. It is normal to lose weight, many of my friends at birth were weak. It depends on each individual body. During my first birth, I g...

Saturday 23 November 04:34am

Member197353 replied to topic Help with ED/Trying viagra? Is Camel milk the new Viagra?

Camel milk really has wonderful properties, but it does not help with an erection. I myself experienced erectile dysfunction five years ago, and I tried absolutely all the home treatments. Even Via...

Monday 18 November 07:21pm
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