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VickyG replied to topic Extended Breastfeeding Mums.....

Hi - just interested in your thoughts... Am going back to work in a couple of months - dd will be 13 months then. Am still breastfeeding. I'm only going back three days a week, and I wonder whet...

Sunday 23 January 10:15pm

VickyG replied to topic BREASTFEEDING 21mth old

Hi, I'm still feeding my wee girl and she is 23 months today. Am in process of weaning her, but she still has a feed first thing in the morning, and one before her bath. She has a bottle before h...

Friday 24 August 03:24pm


This is too depressing. Are all your experiences in Australia? I'm in New Zealand and my wee girl's daycare centre has just been taken over by ABC (in the last couple of months). They staff ther...

Friday 11 May 03:44pm

VickyG replied to topic any18 mth olds still breastfeeding?

My wee girl is nearly 20 months, and is still bf. I never planned it that way, but it suits her. I work four days a week, full-time, and she feeds first thing in the morning - she normally wakes ...

Friday 11 May 03:30pm

VickyG started new topic Day sleeps - dd not interested anymore (still breastfeeding her)

My 15-month old dd used to have two naps - one around 9am for 1.5 hrs and then again about 1.00pm for 1.5 hours. She wakes anytime from 5.30am - 6.30am, and is asleep by 7/7.30pm latest. She is n...

Tuesday 02 January 03:23pm

VickyG replied to topic 9mth Old Standing in cot and not sleeping!!!!

My wee girl is 10 months and I have exactly the same problem. And she is still being wrapped!! She is a regular Houdini. However she doesn't cry, she sits in her cot laughing and talking to her...

Thursday 27 July 06:43am

VickyG started new topic What times to feed baby

I've been told that I'm giving my baby (9.5 months) her dinner too late, at 5.30pm. Apparently they are too tired then to eat a proper dinner, and she should be having it around 4pm, with a yoghur...

Wednesday 12 July 04:41am

VickyG replied to topic Evening primrose oil

Don't know about Evening Primrose Oil, but apparently Raspberry leaf tea helps bring on labour. So too does some good old-fashioned sex (we did this and I went into labour the next night and my ba...

Tuesday 02 May 03:19pm

VickyG replied to topic Any good birth stories?

I've got a gorgeous seven month old daughter, and she was born at home in our lounge, after only five hours of labour. I just used a TENS machine, but don't know how effective it was - I think it ...

Monday 01 May 02:17pm
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