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Elliemoo replied to topic Lost my nephew

Hi Kenzie I lost my Niece and my own baby all in the same week, no one can ever prepare you as an Aunt or your sister for what happened, and the two of you need to get through this the best way yo...

Tuesday 05 April 12:46am

Elliemoo started new topic Finding an Obstetrician

I live in the Penrith area and I am trying to find an obstetrician. Do I call them and ask questions over the phone or do I need to make an appointment to discuss the basics such as fees etc My GP ...

Thursday 31 March 09:23pm

Elliemoo replied to topic traumatic births???

Hi Ladybabybug I really felt for you, as I was reading your story and I just wanted to say, u do whats right for you. By the sounds of it your VB was horrific and I personally would hate to have...

Friday 18 January 07:24pm

Elliemoo replied to topic Will it be too early

Honestly no one knows your child better than you so if he is showing signs of knowing when he has done something in his nappy and is happy to sit on the potty/ toilet go ahead. I was going to sta...

Wednesday 17 January 08:24pm

Elliemoo replied to topic Labour....

HI Its totally normal to be scared ***less lol and yes everybody tells you this but honestly no one can tell you what its going to be like for you. At the end of the day you will describe it tot...

Tuesday 22 August 05:54pm

Elliemoo replied to topic What is your 9 month old doing?

Hi my daughter is nine months tomorrow and so far she can't crawl, I'm starting to think she may never. She can roll and move backwards like a snake and can pull herself up if I hold my hands out...

Wednesday 07 June 04:12pm

Elliemoo replied to topic marinas infant mixture

Hi sorry for asking but what is marinas infant mixture used for

Sunday 23 April 05:59pm

Elliemoo replied to topic What are all your 7 month olds doing?

My daughter was 7 months on the 7th and she can: * say mum, dad and bub * Sit by herself * Roll around everywhere, howver doesn't have the slightest idea of even beginning to crawl * claps * can...

Sunday 23 April 05:45pm

Elliemoo replied to topic moving into cot

I put elise in the cot for her day sleep one day to get her used to it and she never turned back. I think she loved the freadom. I thought it would take a few days but it didn't

Sunday 23 April 05:23pm

Elliemoo replied to topic Toey toey toey

I had a girl and could take or leave sex, it didn't interest me. The strange feeling is, its not your man and he still turns you on but the thought of it is all too much effort lol. I was lucky h...

Sunday 23 April 05:10pm

Elliemoo replied to topic Miserable Baby!

Hi natandjessmum Iam not going to offer advice as it seems like plenty of other ppl have suggested some great ideas however i just wanted to let you know your not a terrible mum for loosing it ...

Thursday 30 March 09:19pm

Elliemoo replied to topic developing quickly

Hi Moosemum Sounds like Robert is developing very nicely. my daughter Elise was the same. She was born 54cm 8 pound 8 ounces and from day one would watch everything that was going on by lifting...

Thursday 30 March 09:10pm

Elliemoo replied to topic DEVELOPMENT AT 11WKS

Hi there Kayla sounds to me like she is developing just fine i am a childcare worker and have a lot to do with baby developmental milestones and to me kayla is right on track. My daughter Elis...

Thursday 30 March 08:59pm

Elliemoo started new topic haemorrhaging ( is that how you spell it)

Hi guys I'm not here to scare anyone just would love to hear some stories of other women who haemorrhaged after giving birth and what their outcome was. I was given an emergency c section when i...

Thursday 30 March 08:41pm

Elliemoo replied to topic What to pack for the hospital for buby

it may be a good idea to ask your hospital if they supply clothing whilst you are there. my hospital told me to pack all this stuff and then when I got there bubby was able to wear hospital night...

Thursday 30 March 08:24pm

Elliemoo replied to topic teething

My daughter is 6 months has her 2 bottom teeth and last week she dropped all her day time bottles and only had her morning one when she woke and night one when she went down. I got a little worri...

Tuesday 28 March 07:31pm

Elliemoo replied to topic Waking during the night

Just a suggestion guys. My midwife told me the reason bubby settles in bed with you is because its warm and cosy. Nights are getting much cooler now so try just adding and extra blanket and se...

Tuesday 28 March 07:21pm

Elliemoo replied to topic Sleeping on your tummy

Hi Erin I slept on my tummy until I was 5 1/2 months pregnant and then it just wasn't comfortable any more. this didn't seem to hinder bubbies growth at all as she was still born 8 pound 8 ounc...

Tuesday 28 March 07:13pm


Hey first timer I had similar pains with my daughter also and when I asked my midwife she explained it to me in a way i could understand. She told me that all the different chemicals etc in you...

Tuesday 28 March 07:09pm

Elliemoo replied to topic My Baby Cries more in the evening and especially at night. Is it Colic?

Hi guyts Just wondering how everything is going? and did any of the suggestions help in any way. I hope bubby has settled down for you both.

Monday 27 March 09:14am
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