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fe replied to topic allergic to nappy??

I too have found my 5 week old son having a nappy rash that didnt want to go away. I was using huggies. I have now changed to another brand and its clearing up, Its not red and angry anymore. So I ...

Wednesday 14 June 04:19pm

fe started new topic Help... Swollen Testicals

I have just noticed this morning that my 4 week old son has got red swollen Testicals. Is this the norm or should I be worried. He has got a slight snotty nose as well. Could that contribute to it??

Saturday 03 June 07:11am

fe started new topic Breast Milk drying up help..

My newborn is only 3 weeks old. I have found in the last week that my milk seems to be drying up and he is not satisfied with each feed. He can spend up to an hour feeding off each breast and still...

Friday 26 May 09:35am

fe started new topic Sleepwear and winter

Just wondering what you put on your newborns at night. My house is very cold and I have been putting on a growsuit of some discription, wrapped in a warm blanket then one on top. I have found that ...

Friday 26 May 09:27am

fe started new topic Breast Feeding and Alchol

Hi all, just wondering if anyone out there can help with my question. How long dose it take for alchol ie say 1 can of bourbon, take to go through to your breast milk? Can anyone help??

Sunday 21 May 03:11pm

fe replied to topic Anyone having a may bubs???

Hi Ladies. I posted earlier on in this thread but not much since. Sorry, but glad to hear that you are all doing well. I am due on the 18th of may, but I am going in this thursday the 4th to have...

Tuesday 02 May 03:53pm

fe started new topic Period pain - 35 weeks.. Lots of braxton hicks

Just a quick question.. I too have had a few peroid type pains these last few days. I have been getting a lot and i mean a lot of braxton hicks contractions as well. With these pains dose it mean t...

Friday 14 April 09:33am

fe replied to topic 2nd Miscarriage in 5 months

Hi Myrtle I have had 5 in a row with one of them being twins. With mine i had 3 "spontanious" miscarriages that happened within the first 6 weeks. 1 was a blighted Ovum and one was due to the cond...

Wednesday 25 January 07:46pm

fe replied to topic Sa, Adelaide, Young

my msn is [email protected] I am 26, have a 4 yr old son and currently 22weeks preg with my 2nd child. I live currently out at Dublin.

Saturday 14 January 11:06am

fe replied to topic Anyone having a may bubs???

Hi all WOW mumof5.. i am the same age and i am just about to have my 2nd... You deserve a medal.. I am having another boy.. No names sorted out yet.. Glad to hear that others are doing well. I ...

Monday 09 January 09:30pm

fe replied to topic How many weeks before they can detect on Ultrasound

Yes it can be too early.. although with my son i saw him at 4 weeks.. But in previous pregnancies its hard to find anything before 6 weeks.. I have also had internal scans that have failed to pic u...

Wednesday 28 December 08:15pm

fe replied to topic Anyone having a may bubs???

Hi Shavarn. I am due on the 18th May 2006 with my second child. I have been feeling movements from about 16weeks but he is a very quiet soul that dont give me too much grief

Wednesday 28 December 07:14pm
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