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k.cable started new topic 1st and 2nd PARTY

okay, i'm join my kids parties together (they are 8 days apart) my son is turning one and my daughter is turning two. Ive kinda got everything sorted out in my mind....bu t thought i would ask wha...

Sunday 25 June 07:05pm

k.cable started new topic scared of the toilet

My hubby and i are trying to toilet train our daughter we aren't going to use the potty and got a toilet seat for the regular toilet instead, Taylor loves comming in to the toilet when ur in there ...

Saturday 24 June 02:50pm

k.cable started new topic SPLATS!!!- great to get veg into kids

i came up with this recipe when my kids wouldn't eat there veg. Its really fantastic and its really easy to change things but keep the princepal. okay its basicly meatballs however u need mince c...

Sunday 18 June 06:29pm

k.cable started new topic Tomato Lake Belmont-MEET UP

HELLO just wondering if poeple want another meet up at tomato lake in belmont. Bernie and paige turned up last time and it was a nice morning... Anyone interested? My brother wants to come along wi...

Friday 02 June 01:31pm

k.cable replied to topic MUMs & DADs LOOKING FOR FRIENDS

hello i'm just posting a few post about a meet up of mums from the huggies group, we set up a meeting on the 26th of may (friday) about 10 at tomato lake in belmont (off oat st)near the cafe, ma...

Friday 19 May 03:29pm

k.cable replied to topic MUMS AND DADS IN THE BELOMT AREA

hello all again. just me, i managed to get my brother to come along with my newphew on friday... i've also post a message in other topics with wa people, maybe we'll have a good turn out.. if not,...

Friday 19 May 03:07pm

k.cable replied to topic Biting

hello, sorry i can't help but i have the same problem, i have a 21month old and she likes biting everyone! including her 10 month old brother.... i think they do it for a attension, but i have no ...

Wednesday 17 May 02:36pm

k.cable started new topic nightmares

hello, my two kids (20 mnths and 9mnths) have day's where they wake up screaming, i can generally settle them back down and they'll go to sleep fine. this happens during the day and night, it isn...

Wednesday 17 May 02:27pm

k.cable started new topic 20 mnths olds and sleep?

hello, i have a 20 mnth old girl who is giving up her naps, she used to have 2 during the day and now i'm lucky if i get her to have one, If she doesn't have one she is very grumpy by the afternoon...

Wednesday 17 May 02:24pm

k.cable started new topic MUMS AND DADS IN THE BELOMT AREA

just looking if there are any mums and/or dads in teh belmont area that perhaps want to start up a group maybe at tomato lake so kids/babies can play?

Tuesday 25 April 08:01pm

k.cable replied to topic July 04 Kids

hello i'm a july 04 mum plus a july 05 mum! my kids are 12 months and 8 DAYS apart i've been trying to post on this wedsite for ages but ive had trouble untill the actually huggies people did it 4 ...

Wednesday 19 April 02:35pm
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