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ellison replied to topic bunbury mums

Hi all bunbury Mums I run with 4 other mums bunbury play group i have 3 kids 10, 6 and 2 were for kids 0 to 4 we have a big outside area fenced and insinde has AC Lots of toys for in and out wings ...

Wednesday 25 April 08:03am

ellison replied to topic Bunbury mum

Im a bubury mum If your looking for a place to get together with other mum's join a Playgroup there's a really good one in Forrest street Off Austral Parade.

Wednesday 18 August 01:46am

ellison started new topic To circemsize or not to That is the question

Hi I didn't get my boy done, but wonder if it would have been easyer then trying to get a 4 year old to keep it clean. I want to know if you did or not and how it's going for you.https://www.huggie...

Wednesday 18 August 01:36am

ellison replied to topic Cradle Cap

Hi, Just wanted to ask if there is a way to prevent cradle cap from occuring. I'm pregnant to my second and now don't have too long to go. With my son I had the same problem but cannot remember w...

Wednesday 18 August 01:12am

ellison replied to topic DUE APRIL 2010

Hi Im due 10th of april This is my third a bit of a serprize, but starting to get excited, I have a girl 8 and boy 4 so loads of knowledge.enyway get in tuch love to chat.

Monday 28 December 06:31pm

ellison replied to topic Breastfeeding 3yold?????

Hi, I have been there My girl was like that I just told her what you told your son that my boobs stoped making milk and just stuck with it and i ended up having too give her a bottle of milk to get...

Saturday 06 October 07:03pm

ellison replied to topic Older Sibling Jealousy

Yer I think its totaly normal, They have you and all the atention on them, then someone comes a long to take some of the lime light. My doughter was first dorghter, gran dorghter on both sides...

Tuesday 18 July 10:26pm

ellison replied to topic Help!! Toddler Hates EVERYTHING Except Junk :(

I have the same problem with my girl she's 4 but she's allways been fussy, she has started to not eat things she has in the past liked. for example she loved corn now she whant tuch it, so now t...

Wednesday 05 April 06:41pm

ellison replied to topic Dad dose nothing

I got that, I didn't see mind for months after my first he became distent, then when he finley came around he helped for a wile. He told me If he was working full time it would be the same and I ...

Wednesday 05 April 06:29pm

ellison started new topic 4 year old wets

My Girls bright has never had a problem with the tolet, tolet trained early stoped weting bed at 2 and a harf. Resontly started kindy and wont use the tolet there and wets, she has also resontly f...

Sunday 02 April 09:53pm

ellison replied to topic Bunbury Mums!

Im a Bunbury mum still looking for mum too talk to I love to chat. Email me at

Sunday 02 April 09:33pm

ellison replied to topic don't wanna go to bed!

have you tryed one of those fold out kids lounges, my dourter had the same thing and that worked she would sleep on it next to her big bed. when she go used of that it took a few munth and now and ...

Sunday 05 March 11:28pm

ellison replied to topic restless sleeper

Hello I know what your talking about. I have two that do it, One is four and she did that exact thing and now my 7 month old dose it. Even as a four year old my dorter has probles getting to sleep ...

Sunday 05 March 11:11pm
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