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cazi started new topic anyone's hair falling out?

hi girls, has anyone else lost lots of hair after giving birth? mine started to fall out at about 8 weeks. its now been 5 months and still has not stoped, i am scared that i will go bald.

Sunday 30 April 05:23am

cazi replied to topic canberra mums

Hi Lexi's mum, my name is caz and I live in Sutton, just over the ACT border. I have had posts on here before but not for ages. I dont think many people go to this section. No one seems to reply to...

Friday 21 April 11:41am

cazi started new topic was sleeping through now waking 2-3 times, what happened?

Hi all, wondering if anyone has the same problem. My 12 week old started sleeping 8 hours a night at about 6 weeks but just in the last week has started to wake again 2-3 times a night. I am confus...

Saturday 04 March 04:46pm

cazi started new topic 7cm dialated but not in pain yet

hi just wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar labour. I went to the hospital feeling a bit uncomfortable after 30 hours and the midwife was going to send me home until she found me to ...

Saturday 04 March 04:24pm

cazi started new topic hyperemesis

Hi there just wondering has anyone had hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) with one pregnany and not with another?

Saturday 04 March 04:19pm

cazi replied to topic ????? How long should a 6 week old go sleep the night?

Hi, my baby girl weighed 3.1kgs at birth and 4.5kgs at 6 weeks. At 6weeks she was sleeping around 5 hours a night and by 7 weeks she was sleeping 8 hours. She rarely sleeps during the day though an...

Saturday 25 February 08:48am
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