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danni_ replied to topic MANDALAY HOLIDAY RESORT BUSSO

hey i used to go there with my parents yearss ago. it was fabulous then! went to busselton recently and noticed the upgrade they have done...i would definetly recomend it!! wonderful secure playgro...

Monday 23 March 11:23pm

danni_ replied to topic House HELP!!!

hey ive been renting since i was 17, had my bub at 19 and im now going on 23. i have moved numerous times and to be completly honest every house ive applied for ive got every time. im also a singl...

Tuesday 27 January 12:38pm

danni_ replied to topic crying in sleep

sometimes my son talks in his sleep and i dont do anything because he is not distressed, sometimes he actually laughs. there are sometimes where he cries or screams out but when i go in there he is...

Monday 19 January 01:57pm

danni_ replied to topic Do u think im being unfair?

no your not being unfair. your being a responsible parent. taking kids out on a boat is enough of a worry without drink being brought into it. put simply, it would be irresponsible to take childre...

Sunday 18 January 12:42am

danni_ replied to topic Do you ring the BF when in Labour or not

hey i've been in this situation. broke my heart and was a very difficult time. all i can say is do what you feel is right...regardless of anyone else, if you want to call him when you go into labou...

Thursday 15 January 12:21am

danni_ started new topic moving to brissy

hey i might be moving to brisbane and just want to know of some suburbs that are close to carole park. what are the suburbs that are a bit 'dodgy'? anything that you can tell me would be great. th...

Wednesday 14 January 09:25pm

danni_ replied to topic toddler getting arms out of child car restraint

hey oh ive had the same problem with my son since about that age! he is now 3 and a half and every now and again he will do it when he is havn a tanty. there wasn't a lot i could do...i just kept p...

Monday 22 December 04:41pm

danni_ replied to topic What do your kids do when you are cleaning?

my son cleans with me. i give him a damp cloth and he will wipe down the table etc.he has always been like that.roll of paper towel and woah he is set and loves it! he asks me if we can vacum, don'...

Sunday 21 December 11:45pm

danni_ replied to topic booob jobs....

hey i haven't got one..i was considering geting one because my boobs are horrible after breastfeeding my son a few years ago. to the point i can't stand to look at them or touch them, it literally ...

Sunday 21 December 11:19pm

danni_ replied to topic duromine...?....

be careful with that stuff. do you realise that duromine is like speed. why do u think it helps you loose weight, full of energy, needing less sleep, eating less...oh and then when your off, weight...

Sunday 21 December 11:15pm

danni_ replied to topic Rude Mums- help

have you confronted her about this issue? i don't mean in a bitching, childish way, after all its your children that are at school, not you parents. she sounds like a beeeep n i can imagine how it...

Sunday 21 December 11:06pm

danni_ replied to topic ABC LEARNING CENTRES....

i was with abc for 5 years, am qualified and have directed a few. i haven't worked for ABC for a few years now and have been directing different centre's. every centre is different, whether that b...

Sunday 21 December 10:59pm

danni_ replied to topic NO OTHER WAY TO SAY IT - DRY HUMPING 2YR OLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my son does the same thing...but its not humping, he 'flops his willy out' anywhere, anytime in front of anyone. VERY embarrassing ! ive finally taught him that its not appropriate to do in public ...

Sunday 21 December 10:17pm

danni_ replied to topic youngest wants to be toilet trained

i've toilet trained my son and also working in child care for many years have helped many parents with toilet training. i dont' believe 2 is too young, it's more a question of are they developmenta...

Sunday 21 December 10:00pm

danni_ replied to topic HELP-2yr old DS in and out of bed until asleep

aww gosh i remember those nights of battling to get my son to sleep night after night after night, trying to hold down a full time job and also being a single mum, i never thought it would end...le...

Sunday 21 December 09:49pm

danni_ replied to topic Routine Routine Routine!!!!!!!!!!!!

i had a similar problem with my son at around that age...they still need a little nap or they get soo grizzly in the late afternoon and your walking on egg shells arounds them. i used to take my so...

Sunday 21 December 09:36pm

danni_ replied to topic Vibrating machines????

hey i think i might know the machine you are talking about...i was at a sport shop a while embarrasing i can't even remember the name of the shop!! i got a cross trainer n was asking abo...

Friday 26 September 09:45pm

danni_ replied to topic White stretch marks - are there any creams that can help?

they go white as a sign of healing, fading. there is nothing much you can do for them. i too have had to get used to them. simply moisturising to keep your skin healthy and not dry etc may help but...

Wednesday 11 June 01:41pm

danni_ replied to topic Scar appearance

depends on what sort of scar it is. it can take a few years to show the final appearance.

Wednesday 11 June 01:37pm

danni_ replied to topic i knew i was setting myself up to be hurt

hey i get what you mean aye, i barely have time to catch up with my mates let alone meet a decent guy. exams tomoro !!! freakn out but with a bita luk ill be okay. haven't sat exams in years so its...

Wednesday 11 June 12:56pm
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