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Waz started new topic When to introduce orange juice??

Just wondering at what age do you introduce orange juice or a similar drink. As a first time mum, have no idea. What are the pros and cons of juice? Any brands or types better than others for bubs?...

Tuesday 04 April 11:13am

Waz replied to topic How do you go from wrapping to unwrapping???

sorry- unable to help as my 5 month old son has never been wrapped as he hated in. This was alright during the warmer month but I have my concerns during winter. Too scared to put blankets/sheets ...

Monday 03 April 05:21am

Waz replied to topic have u tried baby boost(gourmet puree)

I just bought them today. Haven't tried but thought it maybe interesting. The variety is lacking and not in an obvious place. Bought carrot and swede, sweet potato and brocolli. they didn't have an...

Wednesday 29 March 03:20pm

Waz started new topic Does a solid replace a bottle????

Please help as i am unsure. My little boy is 5months and polishes down his bottle every three hours religiously. I upped the amount to 250mls but he's still hungry. Recently i have given him baby f...

Wednesday 29 March 03:14pm

Waz replied to topic Liverpool Mums

I live in Abbotsbury and have a five month old little boy. My first baby so would love to hear from anyone in the area. e-mail me on

Tuesday 28 March 03:22pm

Waz started new topic Is there a water limit?

My little one has all of a sudden enjoyed a bottle of cooled bottle water. Is there a limit as to how much he is allowed in one day? He is on formula and has approximately 125ml of water. Also, do...

Saturday 25 March 05:38am

Waz started new topic Baby factory outlets?????

I live in the Fairfield/ Liverpool/ Parramatta area of NSW. I have a five month old baby boy who seems to outgrow everything. does anyone know of any decent baby factory outlets? Have been to Homeb...

Friday 24 March 07:24am

Waz replied to topic babies born October 2005

I love being a first time mum. Brendan was born 22/10/05. He is rolling like there is no tomorrow. Brendan loves his walker as he probably feels like a little man. My little man is absolutely ador...

Thursday 23 March 01:56pm

Waz replied to topic October 2005 anybody?

Hi- my name is Karen and I had a little boy- Brendan on the 22nd October 2005. I was in labour for 6 hours- start to finish (4hours at home and 2 at hospital). No stitches and minimal drugs. I am o...

Thursday 23 March 12:55pm

Waz started new topic Unusual sleeping pattern?? or normal??

Is this normal??? My five month old will sleep perfectly for a week, that is, from 9-6 with no bottle, sleep the whole night through. then the next week he wakes up every 4 hours for a feed. Does a...

Thursday 23 March 10:54am
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