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mrsnemo replied to topic Male midwife says...

Pfffft......If you break your leg, they give you pethidine so why does everyone have an opinion on something which is arguably one of if not the most painful things we will experience! Labour is as...

Thursday 16 July 05:59am

mrsnemo replied to topic Clicky hips

Hi, The ultrasound will be checking whether or not the ball socket is surrounding the hip properly. Make a fist with one hand and cup your other hand over the top of it, the cupped hand is the sock...

Sunday 28 June 05:29am

mrsnemo replied to topic my rights vs dads rights

I agree with the previous poster about documentation but if I have one bit of advice you should BURN IN YOUR BRAIN is KEEP A DIARY!!!!!!!! An everyday journal on all your dealings with him, how he ...

Friday 26 June 05:09am

mrsnemo replied to topic Music/CDs while in labour

For my first labour I had a CD made up of songs I played to bub in utero, I forgot to take it with me so the nurses just pressed play on the CD player and there was some indian/hindu sorta music on...

Thursday 25 June 12:53pm

mrsnemo replied to topic Think I've been in labour for 5 days

Mine was five days also, woke me up in the night and "stop and hang onto something" kinda pain that was sometimes regular enough to time and others were hours inbetween. My waters broke and still n...

Thursday 25 June 09:18am

mrsnemo replied to topic is it safe?

Hi, My Doctor told me to treat it as if you were driving after drinking, although I am sure that some women on here will debate this. If you were to drive the next morning, you would wait till you ...

Friday 15 May 03:38am

mrsnemo replied to topic Vaccination debate.

Firstly, I have a suggestion maybe you should send all of your extensive research and wealth of knowledge to the lady who watched her beautiful baby girl Dana die in her arms of whooping cough rece...

Thursday 14 May 04:48am

mrsnemo replied to topic 8 months still having a bottle at night??

Hi, I had the same problem with my first son. You are right, at 12kgs and three solid meals plus 3 bottles he dosnt need it. So he is waking out of habit and while ever you offer the bottle to him ...

Tuesday 12 May 09:15am

mrsnemo replied to topic Please help - desparate!

Thank you all for your replies, it so much appreciated. Well, on Sunday Will hadnt eaten for fourteen hours, I tried him in the morning and he only took twenty mls! He was so restless and tired so...

Tuesday 12 May 03:38am

mrsnemo started new topic Please help - desparate!

My five month old started fussing at the bottle about a month ago, he went from generally having his quota (roughly 180mls) every four hours to dropping 20-30mls occasionally. I wasnt too concerned...

Saturday 09 May 02:22pm

mrsnemo replied to topic You know you're heavily pregnant when...

you know your heavily pregnant when... Your three year old offers to help you make the bed, you say "thats lovely mate thanks for your help"and he says thats cause your too fat Mum. Your husband ...

Friday 01 May 10:48am

mrsnemo replied to topic Avent Teats

Sorry I may have confused you, or it may be me hehe, the multiflow teats have three flows you point the number at bubs nose that you want so for eg. William has the two strokes pointing towards his...

Thursday 30 April 06:58am

mrsnemo started new topic Birth Story

Hi, Just wanted to share my birth story of William James born 30/12/08. After a 14 hour labour with my first son and an epidural and ventuese(sp) delivery I was pretty scared about what was to come...

Thursday 30 April 06:06am

mrsnemo started new topic Avent Teats

Hi, My four month old was fighting me on every feed, three sucks and screaming in what seamed like pain and never finishing his bottle, unsettled whilst playing and would only sleep about 1.5hours ...

Thursday 30 April 04:24am

mrsnemo started new topic down there

Hi, I had my baby eight weeks ago and had the discharge for about 5 weeks and havent had any since then. The last few days I have experienced continual heavy period cramps with no sign of period an...

Saturday 28 February 03:32pm

mrsnemo replied to topic AHHHHH!! Breastfeeding problem

my first baby did this and he had severe silent reflux - maybe he's doing it because once the milk gets to his belly it is burning him. If you do put him on formula, shop around for a good reflux f...

Wednesday 25 February 06:54am

mrsnemo replied to topic ULTRASOUND / XRAY 4 CLICKY HIPS

yes its relatively easy to hold them, they get hot pretty quickly though. They suggested i use the baby carrier where their on the front of you and their legs go through the holes not sure if thats...

Tuesday 24 February 03:03pm

mrsnemo replied to topic ULTRASOUND / XRAY 4 CLICKY HIPS

PS. Please dont stress - it is really not that bad and the harness will fix it and you will never know the difference. I just read back through your post and realised this is your first baby and yo...

Monday 23 February 08:09pm

mrsnemo replied to topic ULTRASOUND / XRAY 4 CLICKY HIPS

hi, not sure why they told you that you have to wait, and why an xray? My son is now nearly eight weeks and has been in his harness for two already and will be in it for at least another four. They...

Monday 23 February 08:06pm

mrsnemo replied to topic Is it normal not to enjoy motherhood in the early days?

Is this your first baby Ms.Dee? I felt very much like that first time around, the constant feeding and settling - visitors and phone calls, no time to do washing or even have a shower etc. I totall...

Sunday 22 February 03:19pm
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