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joeyw replied to topic Getting rid of dummy and his Ish!!

My son is 2 (3 in December) and he has only just given up his dummy. It was easier than I thought. About 3 months ago I told him he could only have his dummy for sleeping, I basically distracted hi...

Wednesday 29 October 02:05pm

joeyw replied to topic My son calls himself Boy rather than his name.

Thanks ladies, I had a good old fashioned chat to my husband and he has "seen the light" and stopped doing it.

Friday 24 October 05:56pm

joeyw replied to topic ok my son is

I can't exactly remember but I know my son didn't say a lot, I think 20 words at 18 months and really picked up at 2 years old

Wednesday 15 October 06:13am

joeyw started new topic My son calls himself Boy rather than his name.

My son is 3 in Dec.When he is referring to himself he calls himself "boy". I.E. "Boy turn", "Boy do it". It has been going on for about a year now since he could talk. I am not overly concerned ab...

Wednesday 15 October 06:10am

joeyw replied to topic Missed abortion .. :-( How do i go on? PART 2

Hi there I had a missed miscarriage about 3 years ago. It was terrible. I found out at 15 weeks and by then I had told all my friends I was pregant. I actaully lost the baby around 6 weeks. My pl...

Monday 16 June 03:10pm

joeyw started new topic Can I request an elective caesarean in a public hospital

I've had one son and my natural birth left me with 4th degree damage. I don't want to go through labour again due to the fact I am scared of more damage. Can I request an elective cesarean in a pu...

Monday 16 June 03:06pm

joeyw started new topic Calling our son names

My hubby 'jokes' around on occasions and calls our son names. He is 13 months old. For example, this morning we were talking about another child and all the words they can say. Then my husband say...

Wednesday 17 January 06:25am

joeyw replied to topic I don't like these posts but it's interesting to know....

Hi My 12 month old (Dec 8th) is not walking. He crawled at 9.5 months and doesn't seem interested in walking at this stage. He does pull himself up on furniture though and walks around it. He doe...

Sunday 24 December 05:04pm

joeyw started new topic Croup

Last night we headed to the emergency dept. when my boy's breathing was really bad and had a cough like a seal or a dog! he had some steroid based medication and then he was fine after an hour or...

Saturday 04 November 06:34pm

joeyw replied to topic A Proud Mum

How sweet. Are you going to keep a packed in its true form to keep for him when he is older? I will have to check it out!

Saturday 30 September 11:30am

joeyw started new topic Bubs never rolled, but is now crawling

This post is for those mums whose baby's don't roll or do little rolling. My boy rolled at 5 months a handful of times, then gave it up never to roll again! I was quietly worried, but he has now s...

Friday 29 September 03:59pm

joeyw replied to topic Sunscreen

i just use a sensitive skin one 4 my 9 month old. i tested it on his leg 4 24hrs before i useed it all over. i think baby ones are just a marketing ploy! i have wondered about insect repelant and ...

Friday 29 September 12:16pm

joeyw replied to topic Twin Girls

How about craft's? Could they paste pictures on to paper or something like that? you could put an old curtain or similar underneath them if you are worried about mess.

Thursday 28 September 11:27am

joeyw started new topic sleep help in Adelaide, SA?

Does anyone know of a good place to take a baby with major sleep issues (waking every 1.5hours in the night) My friend has 10 1/2 month old and is getting very tired! She is going back to work in ...

Saturday 23 September 12:40pm

joeyw replied to topic Sore nipple!

I would keep feeding her & I suggest you book a dr appt. Perhaps call the parent help line to see if they can suggest anything while u wait for your dr appt? take care

Saturday 23 September 12:37pm

joeyw replied to topic How many bottles for 9month old??

my boy is just turned 9 months old and he is having 4 bottles. I am trying to drop to 3 bottles as I understand 3 bottles at 200mls a day with 3 meals should be ideal for a 9 month old. That is my ...

Thursday 21 September 08:46am

joeyw replied to topic Can I make Ice Blocks for a 7mth Old?

You can buy the empty ice block's shapes from kmart/target etc. I guess you can fill up with 1/2 orange juice and 1/2 water and freeze. It would be a tasty treat in summer for sure! I bought som...

Thursday 21 September 08:44am

joeyw replied to topic ballet in northern suburbs??

Mary Gillies School of Ballet Golden Grove Recreation & Arts Centre The Golden Way Golden Grove 5125 Phone: 8289 2402 I went to this ballet school when I was a little girl. Mary is the mos...

Thursday 21 September 06:28am

joeyw started new topic Bonython Park - Thurs 21st September

I have been invited to this event & thought I would tell the other SA mums about it................. International Day of Peace Music-Clowns-Games-Balloons-Dancing-Craft Playgroup for Peace Fu...

Thursday 21 September 06:22am

joeyw replied to topic Vomiting

I would head back to the doctor! My boy threw up all the time when he was first born and diagnosed with reflux ++. He is better now. It can get pretty messy and our carpet is in a bad state! I am ...

Wednesday 20 September 11:11am
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