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kyliewylie replied to topic Sick 5 Month Old

Just regarding the cough, you can use a baby balm i use the Vicks baby balsam from the supermarket *baby section* its really one of the few things you can use on a baby that young. I also rubbed i...

Saturday 08 May 09:56am

kyliewylie replied to topic What's the longest you've ever waited

A mum in mums group put her name down for dental work through public dental system just after her son was born and got in just before he turned 3!! I haven't had a big hassle with ENT, but still h...

Saturday 08 May 09:44am

kyliewylie replied to topic oh my gosh so sore

Thats a great idea. I've tried squatting and kneeling but never thought of the ball. ill give that a go. Thanks i remember in pre natal physio class (way back when) they suggested that your hubb...

Saturday 08 May 09:14am

kyliewylie replied to topic HOW TO GIVE BREAD

hi there, quick response i know! I introduced bread similar to you but my MCHN did tell me to keep a keen eye on my daughter (8months) afterwards and always clear the roof of her mouth when finish...

Thursday 28 September 10:13am

kyliewylie replied to topic Looking for best pram with toddler seat??..

hi cadygirl, There is a great website to go and it reviews all sorts of prams and strollers. I will have to look for the same in a couple of years as I have a Mountain ...

Sunday 24 September 06:58am

kyliewylie started new topic GOLD CLASS BABY SESSION - KARINGAL (VIC)

HI Anyone interested in joining our mothers group at the movies. Gold Class session. We are planning it to be on Saturday October 6th. (Thats National Pram Walkiing Day.) The catch is that we...

Monday 04 September 11:06am

kyliewylie replied to topic FINGER FOODS VEGIES/FRUIT - HOW TO PREPARE THEM?

I use carrots as finger food just steam to how firm you want. I make them the size of a rusk maybe a little smaller in length. Cheese, I give my daughter a chunk of cheese she loves it but I usua...

Monday 28 August 06:27am

kyliewylie started new topic COLIC AND BREASTFEEDING

Hi I really want to know what are the foods that you definitely know give your baby colic (wind)through breastfeeding? I have just had my 12 week old in screaming pain from wind and I'm positive...

Tuesday 18 April 07:48pm

kyliewylie replied to topic Great product for wind pain,colic & reflux that actually works

I used that mixture in the first few weeks but then found that it wasn't strong enough. Also the struggle of having to get 4ml in the syringe and down my baby girls throat was awful. She hated th...

Sunday 16 April 06:53pm

kyliewylie replied to topic car seats

Maximum weight for rear facing is 12kg, minimum weight for front facing is 8kg. Your choice really.

Saturday 08 April 06:55pm

kyliewylie replied to topic CAR SEAT ADVICE

I have a Hyandai Accent 3 door hatch (very small). The capsule is fitted in the rear passenger side, I can fit a stroller and bassinet (attachment) in the boot. If it was fitted in the middle the...

Saturday 08 April 06:51pm

kyliewylie replied to topic Exessive Sleeping

My 10 week has been sleeping through the night since 4 weeks (lucky, I know). I don't think it is one thing that makes the sleeping better its a combination. After the third day of bathing she s...

Friday 07 April 12:21pm
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