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sussie replied to topic Real 'baby sleep' choices?

I was so relieved to read something different that was more in line with what my motherly instincts were telling me. There is so much information and so many "people" that say you are making a rod ...

Saturday 31 March 05:29pm

sussie started new topic is it just a phase

Hi my baby girl is 16 1/2mths and up until her last molar appeared she slept through the night (about 3 wks ago). Since then she has also had not only the teeth to contend with but my husband- wh...

Saturday 31 March 09:07am

sussie started new topic Babies losing interest in milk

Hi everyone my baby girl is just about 8 mths and is fast losing interest in drinking milk. I am trying to wean her from breast milk to formula but it doesn't matter she is losing interest in both...

Tuesday 04 July 06:45am

sussie replied to topic nuk electric pump

Hi Lili i use a nuk electric breast pump and have been since my daughter was born (she is 8 mths) they are quite good- but rest assured i am up to my 2nd pump as i have exclusively expressed up t...

Tuesday 04 July 06:35am

sussie started new topic your opinion

Hi I know you cover pregnancy questions but i wonder if you could give your professional opinion. My baby girl is 12 weeks old, is fed expressed breast milk and weighs approx 4.8 kg. She will eat/d...

Tuesday 31 January 07:57am

sussie started new topic are we over stimulating?

Hi Maree, we have a 10wk old baby girl and i have just started to take her out in her pram of an afternoon around 5 o'clock as she is usually awake from 4/4.30 onwards through to about 7/7.30- tha...

Tuesday 17 January 09:54pm

sussie replied to topic ANY BABYS BORN NOVEMBER 2005

Hi my baby girl was born nov. 7th, she is now 10wks and just a joy. i'm a first time mum, loving it but just muddling my way through!!!!

Monday 16 January 07:34am

sussie started new topic a feeding issue

hi, i have been reading about a lot of the concerns of the mums who are formula feeding their babies and whether or not they are getting enough. I exclusively express my breast milk for my baby wh...

Sunday 15 January 03:04pm

sussie replied to topic Feeding Quantities

Hi I am expressing my milk and have a 10 wk old daughter who is no where near drinking the amounts your daughter is having- the most she'll drink at a feed is 100 mls and that's probably 2 or 3 fe...

Sunday 15 January 02:30pm

sussie replied to topic Expressing Exclusively

Hi I am expressing exclusively as i have inverted nipples making breast feeding my baby a stressful time for her and i guess me to as she has to do a lot of work just to feed. I express 3 hrly and ...

Sunday 15 January 02:16pm

sussie replied to topic Gladstone Area

Hi i'm a new mum of a 10wk baby girl and i live in Tannum Sands, would love to meet new mums!!!

Sunday 15 January 02:00pm
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