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mum2cmc replied to topic Men are like.........

Hey there, Ihave a similar one. Mine also has : Men are like - Laxatives - They irritate the sh@t out of you Teller Machines - Once they withdraw they lose interest Chocolate Bars - Sweet,Smo...

Wednesday 12 April 05:32pm

mum2cmc replied to topic How much sleep did you get last night?

10pm - bed 2.30am - up 3am -bed 7.30 am up Grand Total of 8 and half hours sleep!!! Not bad

Wednesday 12 April 04:47am

mum2cmc started new topic Hair Falling Out

My bub is 3 months old and my hair is coming out by the clump fulls!!!It's everywhere and driving my husband nuts.I'm sure it's normal but for how long does it fall out,i feel like i am going to be...

Friday 24 March 07:37pm

mum2cmc replied to topic first time mum at 42

Congratulations Matina, how exciting to become a mum after so long trying.Don't worry about being tired, forgetful and overprotective, we mums are all the same,it just comes with the territory.Soon...

Thursday 23 March 04:28pm

mum2cmc started new topic FACE COVERING

My 3 month old likes his face to be covered with a muslin when he is going to sleep.He pulls it over and falls asleep almost instantly.We then sneak in and pull it off. Does anyone elses babies do ...

Monday 20 March 06:14pm

mum2cmc replied to topic disposable bottles

I have bottles that sterilise in the microwave by themselves , you use the cap as the bottom, fill 30mls water, then put ring and teat in ,bottle on top and microwave for 1 and a half mins. Just as...

Saturday 18 March 07:06pm

mum2cmc replied to topic EXTREMELY SWEATY FEET??????

My baby boy too!!!!!!!!!What is with this?They are continually wet ,like you were saying QUIN1901.He is also of today 3 months.

Saturday 18 March 06:56pm

mum2cmc replied to topic If im the baby of the group, whos the Granny!

This is the reason i left my mothers group with my 1st bub as i was 23 and the youngest by 5yrs.I found that i was continually being told "oh you would'nt understand your too young" or my fave was...

Saturday 18 March 06:52pm

mum2cmc replied to topic SHOCKED!!

Disgusted!! Don't people care about their children.My husband smokes and i don't allow him to touch our 3 mth old for atleast 20min and after he has changed his shirt ,washed face and mouthwashed.H...

Friday 17 March 12:24pm

mum2cmc started new topic Loving husband more than children

Just wondering if anyone watched Oprah yesterday and saw the woman on, that had written an article about how she loved her husband more than her children.Does anyone else feel this way? I love my ...

Friday 17 March 12:14pm

mum2cmc replied to topic Baked bean recipe

Hi Carmy, i found this recipe on the "our house "website.Hope it helps and i think i will make it myself as sounds quite tasty!!!! Boston baked beans ingredients 500g dried navy beans (or harico...

Thursday 16 March 05:48am

mum2cmc replied to topic A middle name to go with Imogen!!

Hi there, My old boss had a daughter called Imogen and her middle name was Grace,they used to call her Imogen Grace with the beautiful face! I think that sounds cute. I'm not sure this helps but ...

Monday 13 March 01:42pm

mum2cmc started new topic Heavy Periods

Please help, I got my second period yesterday since giving birth and it is extremely heavy.I never suffer from heavy periods and was wondering if this is normal as my first wasn't. I am not b/f an...

Monday 13 March 10:11am

mum2cmc replied to topic CONSTIPATION

Hi girls, i only too well what you are going through.I don't know if you are having pain but it could be caused by haemmoroids or a fissure(a small tear). Try some proctosedyl cream from the chem...

Monday 13 March 07:48am

mum2cmc replied to topic PND AGAIN! HELP HELP HELP

Hi Kyles mummy, I too can relate to exactly what you are going through.I too suffer with pnd and have done since my first baby was born 8 yrs ago.I have just had my 3rd baby 12wks ago and didn't wa...

Saturday 11 March 06:59pm
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