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Melodie replied to topic cds

She'll be able to, I've never had problems with mine.

Saturday 16 December 01:06pm

Melodie replied to topic Not the greatest subject but can you put my mind to rest???

I had dreams like that to, it's very normal. I had my daughter two days early, everything went well, no probs or dramas.

Tuesday 12 December 08:37am

Melodie replied to topic teething - do you medicate?

If they have a fever, you need to do something to bring it down - otherwise they could have convulsions.

Friday 01 December 01:03pm

Melodie replied to topic Anybody watch Sunrise this morning ??

The girl they were talking to is a uni student who hasn't yet approached anyone to put it into production. She said she hopes by this time next year she hopes a toy manufacturer will have taken it ...

Thursday 30 November 07:11pm

Melodie replied to topic YAY.. Slack mummy day

I had four weeks of those days when I first had my little one - while my hubby was home with us and was there to pick up the slack......... Seriously, I don't know what I would do without him!

Tuesday 07 November 09:50am

Melodie replied to topic Honda CR-V

Hi Sarah, Elli is right, all of those features are there, however... We have a 2004 CRV Sport, bought it new, and we found that it really doesn't have enough power, the rubber around the windows i...

Sunday 05 November 07:45am

Melodie replied to topic breast feeding

Hi, This is very, very normal. My daughter was the same, and I would strongly encourage you to just focus on your little one and let everything else slide. His comfort sucking will help you establ...

Thursday 02 November 06:20pm

Melodie replied to topic need a little help please!!!!!!! :)

I took elevit before, during and after pregnancy, and still continue to take it everyday, my little one is 8 months old. I find it's great, and if I don't take it I feel so worn out.

Thursday 02 November 01:41pm

Melodie replied to topic Baby Capsules

In our area you can hire them from the hospital.

Thursday 26 October 04:55pm

Melodie replied to topic what you need

Hi, I found that I didn't need anything. I was REALLY lucky - apart from the initial pain while my nipples and my daughter were getting used to each other, I had no trouble breastfeeding. The hos...

Thursday 26 October 10:58am

Melodie replied to topic Renewall of wedding vows

My best friend did it - it was lovely, I say go ahead. The best part is when you are booking it, you never need to use the "W" word, so everything will be cheaper....!

Tuesday 24 October 02:12pm

Melodie replied to topic General Question

Peek-a-boo is a good one - it would be mainly one-on-one, for babies of any age, helps with motor skills and encourages development of a range of feelings - surprise, joy, expectation, confidence.

Monday 23 October 04:31pm

Melodie replied to topic teething hell

Brauer's Teething Relief works for us.

Thursday 19 October 01:07pm

Melodie replied to topic anyone have any advice on a slow draining sink?

Caustic Soda worked for us.

Thursday 19 October 05:30am

Melodie started new topic How to sleep with wrap.....

My daughter is now 6 months old, and she has always been wrapped to go to sleep, regardless of the time of day. I need to stop wrapping her, as she now wakes up, rolls over and tries to crawl/cree...

Monday 04 September 05:54am

Melodie replied to topic how long till I should introduce another meal?????

Hi, I started my daughter at 4 and a half months as well. The previous advice is spot on. I introduced solids with the advice of my CHN, because my daughter was unsettled, therefore I introduced th...

Saturday 02 September 05:49pm

Melodie replied to topic Tummy Time

Hi, Yes persevere with lots of very short periods everyday. That's what was suggested to me, and my whole mother's group, and it has worked for all of us - there's about 10 of us.

Saturday 02 September 05:23pm

Melodie replied to topic Vitamins whist breastfeeding?

I would stick to the pregnancy/breastfeeding vitamins also - I still take Elevit, and my little one is 6 months old. On the days I don't take it, I really feel much more worn out.

Thursday 31 August 12:26pm

Melodie replied to topic Whey/casein ratios; prune juice / constipation

I have been using Sunraysia Prune Juice, my daughter is breastfed and has just started solids, and it was a help after only three days. My nephew is bottle fed - my sister in law also gives him the...

Sunday 06 August 06:26pm

Melodie replied to topic 6 months too young for cup?

Some people find introducing a cup can be easier than introducing a bottle. You might find that this is the case for you and your little one. I say give it a go now. I am breast feeding exclusivel...

Sunday 09 July 12:26pm
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