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lisa09 replied to topic Problem getting 2 1/2 year old to sleep

Hi, Seriously if you want my advise, put her down in her cot after a bottle or whatever, close the door and walk away, if she cries, let her cry. We did it for a week and now its soooo good . She ...

Wednesday 21 March 07:27pm

lisa09 replied to topic 21 month stats

Hi, my baby girl is 20 months last week, and weighs 15.6kg and 89cm, she a prety big girl, soooo cute and cudly..... very tall though.. same thing- talks all day and is a joy to look after.

Wednesday 21 March 07:19pm

lisa09 replied to topic How bigs your 14 month old?

11.8 kg and 81cm she is a chubba too...... but my husband is 6ft5 so I know where she gets it from.... they are heavy arent they!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 22 August 10:01am

lisa09 replied to topic Weight for 1 year old

Hi I think thats fine My 13 and a half month old daughter is 11.8kg and is 81cm although her father is 6ft 5 and Im pretty tall, so she is growing fast.... but your little one seems fine..... I thi...

Tuesday 22 August 09:59am

lisa09 started new topic How long does it take to fall asleep???

Hi My 13 month old daughter sometimes takes 1 hour to fall asleep in her cot, she has a dummy, but keeps talking away for almost 1 hour, usually ends up crying, and sometimes doesnt fall asleep! ...

Tuesday 08 August 10:54am

lisa09 replied to topic Pls help- Need idea's for games to play at 1st Bday!

Hi I just had my DD 1st birthday and I hired a clown for the kids, she was great- she did dancing, pass the parcel, parachute game, face painting, balloon animals etc.. they all had a great time!

Thursday 20 July 05:55am

lisa09 started new topic Walking YAY.....

Hi Just thought I would share that my DD 10 1/2 months is walking everywhere now. Needs a little help still to prop her up but off she goes- there are falls etc, but I think its all part of the pr...

Tuesday 06 June 05:29am

lisa09 started new topic 2 sleeps to 1

Hi just wondering when babies go from 2 sleeps to 1 during the day- Is it 12 months??

Friday 26 May 06:05am

lisa09 replied to topic Lunch box ideas for 11 monhts + please

Apparently I read somewhere that babies arent supposed to have chunks of apple, celery, popcorn, carrot until they are 3 yrs old. I am keeping away from those foods plus peanuts and honey. Althou...

Friday 26 May 06:01am

lisa09 replied to topic AT WHAT AGE DO YOU STOP BURPING A BABY

HI My dd is 10 1/2 months old and I still put her over my shoulder while I take her to bed, just in case she has a bit of gas. She usually does. So you might not have to pat her back for ages, j...

Friday 26 May 05:57am

lisa09 started new topic Finger Food Ideas

HI I was wondering if anyone had any more ideas for finger food- I have a baby girl whos 10 1/2 months old and she eats well. I give her pickelets as finger food, peaches, scones, muffins- she ca...

Friday 26 May 05:54am

lisa09 replied to topic Top up feed at 10 months

Hi Im in the same position, still wrapping and DD wakes during the night- have tried everything, re-wrapping, rocking, patting on back, music to get her back to sleep, she wont- she must be hungry,...

Friday 12 May 04:04pm

lisa09 replied to topic huggies nappies!

Yes from day one. Havent tried any other brand and dont really want to. I think they do the job just fine.

Friday 12 May 04:00pm

lisa09 replied to topic sterilising bottles

Hey there My DD is 10 months and Im still sterilizing bottles- I think I will do it until she stops bottles....... I know, Im a clean freak- I figure- it takes me 5 mins to wash them then chuck the...

Friday 12 May 03:52pm

lisa09 replied to topic Cradle cap. how do i get rid of it

Easy Rub vaseline on the scalp after bath, leave it overnight then brush out in morning- she will have spiky hair for a couple of days, but trust me it starts falling out straight away. CYA LISA

Friday 12 May 03:47pm

lisa09 started new topic 4pm-6pm what to do?????

Hi everyone I have a beautiful DD who is 10 months old, we have fun during the day, shopping, visiting friends etc but come 4pm when shes up I find it difficult to keep her happy and occupied until...

Friday 12 May 03:45pm

lisa09 replied to topic weigh in

Hi there DD is 10 months and 77 cm and weighs 10.6kg- getting heavy arent they?? Love Lisa

Thursday 11 May 11:53am

lisa09 replied to topic best purchase i made...

Hey Beth Guess what? I also bought that CD and also like you loved it until the part where the classical music kicks in, I had to go into her room and turn in right down when that classical stuff ...

Friday 05 May 04:34pm

lisa09 started new topic when did yours walk

Hi I was just curious as to when everyone's babies started to walk? My DD is almost 10 months and is sort of ready to go, probably another few weeks and she will be off on her own...

Wednesday 03 May 05:53am

lisa09 replied to topic baby not sleeping through - feel like a bad mum!

Hey there Dont listen to those mothers that say their babies sleep throught, they are probably not telling the truth, surely their babies cant sleep through EVERY night!!! Your baby is still litt...

Wednesday 03 May 05:51am
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