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Kylie2682 replied to topic Moving from formula to cow's milk

Hi, Hope its not too late to reply...But both of my kids were/are bottle fed and with my son I just started adding cows milk to his formula in the same bottle. For the first week or two I did 3/...

Tuesday 31 October 08:07pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic Hernia

Hi, My little man had a double groin hernia op when he was 6 weeks old too. We were only in hospital for the day and the actual operation only took about 30mins. My son coped with it really we...

Monday 02 October 04:51pm

Kylie2682 started new topic Holds her breath

Hi All, I'm just after some help in regards to my DD who is 9 months old. Over the last couple of months she been having these crying fits where she doesn't breath. She goes past the colour purp...

Wednesday 27 September 03:03pm

Kylie2682 started new topic Melbourne Mums, Help.

Hi All, I am making a cake for my sons 3rd birthday party next weekend. It is one out of the Womens Weekly cookbook. The only problem is that it asks for Runts. Little hard candy in the shape o...

Wednesday 27 September 12:34pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic Is anyone trying Soy formula?

Have you tried S26 Lactose free?? My daughter has been on that for a few months now and she loves it. Kylie

Sunday 24 September 10:04am

Kylie2682 replied to topic ONE SIDE AT A TIME

My DD was exactly the same. Only one side per feed, and right from the start would only drink for a max of 5-10mins. I was a little worried about it. Other new borns in our mothers group were ta...

Friday 22 September 04:43pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic Speech problems?

My DS turns 3 next month. Around May this year he started to stutter. It started with questions, What? Where? Why?? He seemed to have troubles with W's. Then it progressed to other words. So I...

Sunday 17 September 04:19pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic Traumatic BF, should I try again next baby

Hi There, I had a similar experience with my now 3 year old DS. He was born with a severe tounge tie, which we eventually got snipped. I tried and tried to BF him but he was getting more blood t...

Friday 01 September 10:50am

Kylie2682 replied to topic wont roll from stomach to back

There is nothing wrong with your son. My dd is 8 months and still can olny roll from back to stomach and only over the right shoulder. She is crawling now so I'm not sure if she will ever do it. ...

Friday 25 August 12:12pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic how long does your baby feed for?

When my DD was 8 weeks she had 5mins on one side each feed and that was it. My MCHN said I must have just had so much milk, that was all she needed. Kylie..

Friday 25 August 12:08pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic Switching to formula - lactose intolerance??

Hello, My daughter also had a similar problem. At 6 months I decided to wean her. I dropped one feed every few days. She seemed to be ok with one bottle of formula but once I got to two and thr...

Wednesday 16 August 04:15pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic When is BABY a TODDLER???

I was always under the impression they were a toddler from the age of 1. Could be wrong though, Kylie.

Tuesday 15 August 12:28pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic What do you put in your toddlers sandwiches???

Hi, My little man loves avocado, I just spread it on. Sometimes he has it with either ham or cream cheese. His other favourite is smoked salmon and philly cheese. Great for brain developement...

Tuesday 01 August 08:35am

Kylie2682 replied to topic Neurofen & Panadol togetha?

Hi Quin, There is a section in toddler health in this topic. Kylie.

Wednesday 19 July 04:15pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic How old is your 15kg baby?

Hi Natalie, My DS was about the same weight as your little boy at the same age. He now only weighs 14kgs, and he is 2 3/4 years old. He still uses his high chair, but only for dinner. Hope this...

Saturday 24 June 09:22am

Kylie2682 replied to topic What age is anewbon?

Hi, I thought 0-3 months is newborn, 3-12months is baby, 1-3 years is toddler. Not sure though.

Sunday 18 June 12:15pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic Colic driving me crazy!

Hi Jode, Have you heard of the infant drops, Infacol??? I found my little girl was having real trouble bringing up wind after a feed for the first couple of months. She would become really dist...

Friday 09 June 03:50pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic How often do you go and see the Child Care Nurse?

Hi Amaya, I'm not sure where you live, but in Melbourne we have scheduled visits to the MCHN at 2, 4, 8 weeks. Then 4, 6, 8 months. You can also pop in whenever you like to weigh your bubs. K...

Friday 09 June 12:49pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic How long should i try to breastfeed?

Hi Jacki, I've just been reading through your posts, and all of the replies. How is your feeding going?? Are you still trying?? I just wanted to tell you about my son, who is now 2 1/2. I had ...

Thursday 08 June 12:16pm

Kylie2682 replied to topic constant feeds

Sounds like a growth spurt to me. My MCHN said all babies have one at around that age. I would give it another few days of feeding her when she wants it, or maybe just add another 50mls to the bo...

Thursday 08 June 11:54am
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