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Cass01 replied to topic Need to night toilet train my 4 1/2yr old son

Try a Conni Bed Pad. They are on special at the moment at the sleep store (i think its I paid $22.45 for one - it sits on top of the sheet and can hold up to 2litres of wee in th...

Saturday 19 March 02:29am

Cass01 replied to topic primary school at 4 and 9 months??

From a different perspective... I was always the youngest in my class at school. Everyone else always had their birthdays before mine. Everyone else got their driver's licence before me... buy alco...

Wednesday 15 April 09:11am

Cass01 replied to topic Does anyone sit with their child and NOT mind?

My DD is just over 2 and we snuggle up together in my bed and watch a kids show (her choice) on telly, the moment the show is over it is 'lights out' and the telly goes off. She rolls over and goes...

Saturday 23 August 10:36am

Cass01 replied to topic please help me!!!

Around that age (mine's now 2) I found that if I was quick enough to offer a drink of water, she'd have a few sucks and then go back to sleep. If I tried to delay things, then water wouldn't be eno...

Friday 08 August 10:05am

Cass01 replied to topic Eating Fluff

My 2yo enjoys chewing on tissues (or other bits of paper). I don't think she normally swallows any of it, but often I ask her what she's eating and she spits a wad of chewed tissue into my hand. Cass.

Friday 08 August 09:59am

Cass01 replied to topic ear infection with grommets

Hi Julie, That sounds about the same as what was coming out of my 21mo DD's ears when she had an ear infection (with grommets in). It was sort of slightly cloudy, but generally clear, with a reddis...

Tuesday 15 July 06:45am

Cass01 replied to topic Does your child go to Montessori?

we're booked in for montesorri (have to wait until Jan until she's old enough to go). we went to an open day and saw all their 'games' and learning items they have. we spent ages talking to the 'te...

Friday 27 June 09:59am

Cass01 replied to topic Shopping with a 22MO

I end up exhausted at the end of it, but this is what works for me: we start off in the trolley. it lasts for prob half the fruit/veg aisle. once she's out (23mo), i ask her to help me. everything...

Friday 27 June 09:43am

Cass01 replied to topic Maxi rider, Hipod senator or Infa secure???

I've just spent the last hour surfing on booster seats! I should have come to huggies first! says that as far as booster seats go, only one passes - the Infa Vario Kid. I'd post the ...

Sunday 22 June 03:13pm

Cass01 replied to topic Quick Meal Ideas for Dinner

We have found a pasta in the fresh-pasta section of our local Foodland - its called Papparelli (i may have the spelling wrong). I buy a large pack, slice it with a knife into three and put them in ...

Sunday 22 June 03:08pm

Cass01 replied to topic How to get a 14 MO off Bottles??

I can't help with cutting down the number of bottles, but I can say that I'm lazier than you. If my 21mo wants a bottle, and the last one was only a couple of hours ago, i just give it a quick rins...

Thursday 12 June 08:37pm

Cass01 replied to topic Rocking to Sleep

I still snuggle up with my nearly 2yo and read her a couple of books at bedtime. She then rolls over and i snuggle up to her and talk to her until she goes to sleep. I do this because i enjoy the ...

Sunday 25 May 08:07pm

Cass01 replied to topic grated apple

Great idea - i hadn't even thought of this. I will try it out tomorrow. Cass. PS: I always squeeze orange juice on any apple that I cut so that it doesn't go brown...

Sunday 25 May 07:52pm

Cass01 replied to topic breakfast ideas for toddlers

I really struggle with finding things for breakfast that get more than just a nibble. My DD likes: Egg white (she squeals and wipes her tongue on her sleeve (or mine) if she gets any yolk on it). ...

Sunday 25 May 07:49pm

Cass01 replied to topic Doctor wants me to get a urine sample from my 15 month old. How the hell do it do it?

Our GP specifically had me do a direct catch (in a specimen cup) for our DD (nearly 2) because this way you end up with a cleaner reading than using the baggy things. That said, without bubs on he...

Sunday 25 May 07:33pm

Cass01 replied to topic toddlers and cradle cap????

I have found that for my DD (also almost 2) if i only use the johnson's baby bedtime bath liquid in her bath (no soap, no shampoo, no conditioner) then she doesn't get cradle cap. If we use soap th...

Sunday 25 May 07:28pm

Cass01 replied to topic frozen peas?? Any nutritional value???

I read somewhere once that frozen veggies these days are more likely to have more of the nutrients still in them than 'fresh' veggies. This is due to the snap-freezing process and the fact that veg...

Friday 25 April 08:56am

Cass01 replied to topic What do you do with your toddler

I try to do something 'good' most days (or i go batty with boredom). Most of the time it is something craft-related. I also try to get out of the house each day - even if it is just a trip to the ...

Wednesday 23 April 07:01am

Cass01 replied to topic Do you get much housework done?

For a long time, nothing got done in our house!! My 20mo now helps wipe things (i give her a baby wipe and she'll wipe winodow ledges, coffee table, floor, etc). She'll also help me put a load of w...

Wednesday 23 April 06:47am

Cass01 replied to topic Paint with Water Books

I realise it was ages ago that these were wanted... but i found them a couple of days ago on the $2 stand outside our local newsagency. I'd never seen them before and i absolutely love them! Cass.

Saturday 19 April 11:21am
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