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sjanee replied to topic Almost 3 year old son and twins due soon!!!!!!!!11

Hi renata i too am expecting twin boys in aug but my doc thinks i could go anytime at moment i have a 19 month old daughter who is very attatched to me and at times will not even let her dad touch...

Friday 11 May 10:09am

sjanee replied to topic Who has the most kids.

sorry that was meant to be 19 month old whoops!

Tuesday 08 May 01:53pm

sjanee replied to topic Who has the most kids.

I have a 10 month old daugter and twin boys due so i will have three under two!

Tuesday 08 May 01:52pm

sjanee replied to topic Bloody Discharge???

Hi lisa i would give your hospital a call sounds like your show and it actually does increase as labour progressess well it did with me anyway. i had my show at 5 am friday morn and paige was born...

Thursday 03 May 02:35pm

sjanee replied to topic 3 under 3, how will i go with it?

Hi leah congrats first of all i am in a very similar boat but will have three under two! I am expecting twin boys very soon as it looks as tho they will be very early and my daughter is 19 months ...

Tuesday 01 May 02:11pm

sjanee replied to topic Is Labour Close???

Hi i had the nesting all through my pregnancy with paige then two days before i went into labour i cleaned out all my cupboards and scrubbed the floors with a scrubbing brush on my hands and knees ...

Saturday 28 April 04:15pm

sjanee replied to topic Due in 7 wks with twins!!!!

Hi Carlie i too am having twins as are two other mums in august o7 thread i am also having twin boys fraternal tho as they are in seperate sacks so we know they are not identical.I am 24 weeks at m...

Saturday 28 April 04:54am

sjanee replied to topic Don't like new forum!!!

I am with you our august07 thread has been totally lost and i spent ages trying to work out whatsgoing on the old site was more than perfect not sure why it had to change

Saturday 14 April 01:36pm

sjanee replied to topic Cravings - any weird ones? OR what weird things have you done to food?

Hi i having twins 19 weeks along and i have had the urge to eat washing powder and raw coffee its terrible as i am constantly washing and wanting to eat the washing powder must be the texture as th...

Wednesday 28 March 06:53am

sjanee started new topic Anyone been through a premature birth-pregnant with twins

Hi i am currently 18 weeks pregnant with twins second pregnancy and last and obviously my chances of going into early labour is highly highly likely. So i can expect it to happen anywhere from 28 w...

Saturday 17 March 06:03am

sjanee started new topic how do they tell male/female babies?

I just accidently put this in the wrong section whoops. I was just wondering how they tell boys from girls at the ultrasound. I have heard its two white dots for boys(testes) and one for a girl and...

Thursday 08 February 02:05pm

sjanee started new topic how do they distinguish male/female babies????

Hi just wondering if anyone knows what it is they look for when finding out the sex at the ultrasound. I heard it was two bright dots for a boy and one for a girl and then the other day i heard it ...

Thursday 08 February 02:00pm

sjanee replied to topic The Twins Have Arrived!!!

OH wow i am due with twins in aug thats fantastic did you go full term with them what beautiful names. congratulations

Saturday 03 February 07:32am

sjanee started new topic pregnant with twins is cramping normal?

Hi my name is sarah i am 11 weeks pregnant with twins i noticed last week i had some cramping on my right side i got worried and had to lay down for a while it went away after a couple of mins. I h...

Thursday 01 February 06:27am

sjanee replied to topic Twins names

Hi carly its sarah from august thread i found out today i am also having twins fraternal due aug 22 its great to know someone will be going through the same thing as me at the same time. hope to he...

Thursday 18 January 08:46pm

sjanee replied to topic Have picked some girls names... opinions please!

Hi Ava Grace is so beautiful i love it it sounds very classic and will never outdate. sarah:)

Thursday 18 January 09:37am

sjanee started new topic can they tell the sex earlier than 18 weeks

Hi everyone just wondering if they can tell what sex a baby is before 18 weeks. I didn't think they could i have heard of a case where one lady was told around 13 weeks she was having a boy and she...

Thursday 18 January 09:29am

sjanee started new topic changind due date at u/s

Hi i am just wondering if you can help me what do they go by when they change your due date at an u/s. My dates are exact with my lmp and i am due for an u/s tomorrow so if they change the date wha...

Wednesday 17 January 06:14am

sjanee started new topic Brooklyn to girly for boy????? honest opinions

Hi everyone i do not know what i am having yet but we have a boys name picked out still struggling with girls but i love brooklyn for a boy my husband likes it but is concerned its sounds girly. I ...

Tuesday 16 January 10:12am

sjanee replied to topic Tearing?

Hi jess i had a thrid degree tear with my daughter months ago and i hate to say it but i still have a lot of trouble with mine it bleeds and has opened a little bit over time. it still hurts with ...

Friday 12 January 11:50am
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