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Rowdy replied to topic Catnapping!!!!

yes -catnapping is driving me made. 1/2 hr only morning and afternoon but sleeps well at nite

Sunday 27 August 11:17am

Rowdy replied to topic Sleeps all day and awake most of the night

Since our boy was born we only talk to him during the day 7am-7pm. At night we don't talk or make eye contact and keep the room dim to feed. I don't change him at night unless he has wet thru. ...

Thursday 24 August 05:59am

Rowdy replied to topic touble settling

My baby started catnapping during the day from about 8 weeks prior to that he slept perfectly day and night as per Tizzie schedule. He always self settled for his day time sleeps quickly (less t...

Wednesday 23 August 04:01am

Rowdy started new topic Baby awake from 6am (but not crying). How can I get him to sleep till 7am like he use to??

in the last 2 days my 3month old boy has been awake in his cot but not crying. We get him up at 7am but I think he has been awake and quiet since 6amish??? This is fantastic for us however I think ...

Wednesday 23 August 03:52am

Rowdy started new topic SOS book- Should I put my baby to bed any earlier than 20mins before the scheduled time if I know he is tired that day??

Should I keep my baby amused until the sleep time or if he is really tired and has not slept fully in the morning session should I put him to bed early i.e 12.15?? Usually he has had enough by 8.4...

Tuesday 22 August 08:51am
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