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Nikki* replied to topic Feels like were just housemates

Wow...I'm sure my flashbacks were just like many other Mum's out there and know all too well how you are feeling right now. I read many of your words as if they were my own. You can prepare for p...

Tuesday 16 February 11:52pm

Nikki* replied to topic i dont understand.....

Hi. I can appreciate how it must hurt and how confusing it would be when you are so into your little one and he isn't. I think to some extent many guys do the same. After to talking to my husban...

Sunday 31 January 11:39pm

Nikki* replied to topic Christmas: Issues with MIL

Hello! Understand your story loud and clear. They always mean well but they really don't understand their place sometimes despite trying to express your views and rights as a parent but since the...

Sunday 31 January 11:11pm

Nikki* replied to topic Any MIL's out there?? I have a question....

Great question! Would also love to know the same thing. We respect our parents and partners parents wishes so surely we should be respected in the same manner when it comes to our children. I ap...

Monday 20 April 05:51pm

Nikki* replied to topic When did u first leave your baby with a sitter?

I was pushed into leaving our two month old daughter with my MIL while we went shopping but I insisted it be at our house and the only rule was not to hold her while she slept. My wishes weren't r...

Friday 17 April 06:01pm

Nikki* replied to topic does anyone else get this...........

Hello! When we had our little girl I was 24 but I am very petite and look young. It was bad enough getting looks of disgust when I was pregnant but I did find people commenting on how young I was...

Thursday 16 April 07:27pm

Nikki* replied to topic In laws and respect

Aren't MIL just precious!!! Sorry I meant jealous! When I get asked what the toughest part of being pregnant was I don't say the pregnancy, or the labour, not even the afterpains, it was the MIL!...

Saturday 07 March 06:03am

Nikki* replied to topic stuck!

Hi there! You poor darling no wonder you're confused. There is so much for you to handle there hasn't been enough to time to work out what plan you should take. I can understand the feeling of b...

Saturday 07 March 05:29am

Nikki* replied to topic The MIL

Hi! My MIL drinks too but I feel okay with the kids staying with her because she is a Mum herself and I'm sure she is focused more on the kids and has little time to indulge anyway. If your husba...

Saturday 07 March 05:04am

Nikki* replied to topic MIL expects to take my son whenever she wants him!

Hi! You have every right to feel the way you do and you are just being a Mum. I didn't let my first born stay overnight until she was two so well done there for starters. It really is unfair to ...

Saturday 07 March 04:29am

Nikki* replied to topic Sad :(

Hi Hun! I feel where you're coming from. It's hard not to feel like that at times but then I stop to think-we try our whole lives to find a great guy and start a family so why feel boring when it'...

Saturday 05 July 02:56pm

Nikki* replied to topic Not back to work yet

I have been off work for two years since our little girl was born and I am pregnant again. My husband was fine to let me not work and raise our kids until kindergarden started. For ages I was made...

Tuesday 18 December 07:11pm

Nikki* replied to topic Insomnia

Hi there Mums! Oh my gosh - me too! I remember waking up at 4.00am every morning with my first baby girl but that was only for a toilet brake and as it turned out that was the exact time my water...

Wednesday 22 August 04:47pm

Nikki* replied to topic at what stage is this ok?????

Hi Charlene! I am an SA girl too and my girl is 17months, in my bed all of a sudden, two night feeds each night at least still and I am just as lost as you. Our girl has many allergies though and...

Wednesday 18 July 04:09pm

Nikki* replied to topic Started vomitting at 6.5 mths when started solids

Check it out with the doctor just in case. My bubba would sometimes throw up, not always, other times have tummy pain and just generally unhappy as soon as solids started. She has so many allergi...

Wednesday 18 July 03:57pm

Nikki* replied to topic red cheeks

Our girl gets that and severely when teething because of all the saliva. After four months of pulling our hair out we finally got to see a specialist who said it was actually infected and wouldn't...

Wednesday 18 July 03:48pm

Nikki* replied to topic Help - Baby sick all the time......

Hi all! Our baby girl (now 17 months) was a dream until we started solids at seven months. She has multiple allergies. We have seen a specialist who said it relates to an immature system and the...

Wednesday 18 July 03:42pm

Nikki* replied to topic Eczema

Thanks for all you info! My baby girl gets eczema and unfortunately has multiple food allergies which is a major problem. I will look into all the useful websites mentioned though, that's fantast...

Wednesday 18 July 03:21pm

Nikki* replied to topic How to tell what a rash means?

Hi Mums! Our baby girl has had eczema since she was six months and one main place for her is the back where the nappy sits. I hadn't heard of the glass method either-thanks I will keep that in mi...

Wednesday 18 July 03:17pm

Nikki* replied to topic Help reaction to immunisations!!

Hi! It was either the second lot or third lot of immunisations when our girl had a temperature too. I reacted to the same one when I was a baby and just had that funny feeling she would too. The...

Wednesday 18 July 03:12pm
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