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beamydan replied to topic The things our kids come out with

My DS who is 3 years old insists that his feet are full of jellybeans, and soon one day at School, they are going to open up and he will be able to eat them all!! I asked him if everyone's feet ...

Saturday 13 February 01:13pm

beamydan replied to topic Mum's of Lactose Intolerant babies..

Hi, My dd is almost 7 months old and is lactose intolerant. She did not have it very bad, just windy and 'explosive' poo's. I have tried her on youghurt and custard as of this week and she has h...

Wednesday 01 July 10:12am

beamydan started new topic Just Another 'Poo' Question?!!

Hi, My DS is just over 2 1/2 and is 'wee' trained. He is even dry overnight on 6 out of 7 nights. However we are now having trouble with 'poos'! I don't think he is scared of doing them on the ...

Wednesday 22 April 09:03am

beamydan replied to topic What rewards do you give your toddler for going potty?

I have just started toilet training my 2 1/2 DS. He is doing so well, I'm so proud as today he took himself and did a poo and a wee! Anyway, I used a sticker chart and a reward box. The sticker ...

Wednesday 18 February 01:17pm

beamydan replied to topic Getting rid of dummy - UPDATED

At 24 months I thought it was time to get rid of my DS's dummy, as he only had it for night sleeps to settle himself, and once he was asleep he never wanted it again! I worked myself up thinking i...

Wednesday 18 February 01:06pm

beamydan replied to topic Bub screaming in pain before passing wind and going no 2

Not sure if this could be the problem, but my DD has just been diagnosed as being lactose intolerant and she was having those 'explosive' poo's and a fair bit of wind pain. My DD is formula fed, s...

Wednesday 04 February 11:31am

beamydan started new topic Contraceptive Pill?

Just wondering how long after you have a baby you can start taking the contraceptive pill again? I am not breast feeding but not going for my 6 week check until the 27th January. I had a c-section...

Saturday 17 January 03:50pm

beamydan replied to topic Tongue-Tied

Thanks everyone for your information and advice. DH and I have decided to have Isabel's tongue corrected, but we are waiting until our 8 week check with the Peadiatrician to get his advice on who s...

Saturday 10 January 06:16pm

beamydan replied to topic Tongue-Tied

I had to give up breastfeeding this week due to an attachment problem that they have now linked to the tongue-tie situation. I was wondering if it caused any issues with talking etc as the child ...

Sunday 21 December 04:30pm

beamydan started new topic Tongue-Tied

Hi all, Just after some information and to see if anyone else is going through what I am at the moment. My sweet little girl (Isabel Grace) was born on the 12 December 2008, and has been diagnose...

Sunday 21 December 09:30am

beamydan started new topic Getting up at 5am....everyday!!

Hi All, Not sure if there is any advice out there, but would love to hear if someone is having the same trouble! My DS for the last month or so, has been getting up between 5am and 5.30am, every ...

Wednesday 26 November 09:29am

beamydan started new topic THREE NAMES TO CHOOSE FROM!!!

Hi all, I'm having a little baby girl in four weeks time and we have narrowed it down to three names. Just wanted some opinions on what people thought and if anyone liked one more than the other. ...

Thursday 13 November 05:43pm

beamydan replied to topic at how many weeks do they do an elective c section?

I'm due on Christmas day (not very good timing by us!), but I'm booked in for the 12th December, just after 38 weeks. With my first I was in hopsital for 6 days, but I would think maybe less this...

Thursday 06 November 07:20am

beamydan started new topic HELP-2yr old DS in and out of bed until asleep

Good Morning! Just after some advice or suggestions on what I can possibly do with my 2yr old DS! Day sleep and night times are just a nightmare at the moment. Going to be seems to have become a ...

Thursday 06 November 07:12am

beamydan replied to topic 11 mth old day sleeps have gone out the window LOL.

My DS has just started doing this, but he is 10 months old. He has started to have about an hour late morning, then that will be it. No matter how hard I try he won't go down in the afternoon. ...

Saturday 14 July 04:14pm

beamydan replied to topic AM I FEEDING HIM TOO MUCH??

Thanks for that. I guess I was just worrying because Campbell is such a big bubba!! I thought maybe I was giving him too much. He is starting to not be interested in the lunch time bottle, so I ...

Friday 13 July 04:22pm

beamydan replied to topic Swimming and dunking bub

Hi, I started taking my little man (who is now 10 months) swimming at 6 months. I think that is the recommended age. He is still going now, and I am hoping to keep going with him for the next fe...

Friday 13 July 04:13pm

beamydan replied to topic AM I FEEDING HIM TOO MUCH??

He is almost 10 months.

Friday 13 July 04:06pm

beamydan started new topic AM I FEEDING HIM TOO MUCH??

Hi all, Just wondering if maybe I am feeding my little man too much? He is having 3 solid feeds a day, and a few snacks and is having one bottle both morning and night, and sometimes half a bottl...

Friday 13 July 03:30pm

beamydan started new topic HOW MUCH FLUIDS WHEN EATING 3 MEALS A DAY

Hi all, Just a question, what is the recommended amount of fluid that a 10 mnth old bub should have? My DS (who used to love his bottles!), all of a sudden is not really interested in his bottles...

Thursday 12 July 07:53am
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