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Kat&Ollie started new topic 3 month old waking...

Hi, My 3 month old son has started waking 2 or 3 times a night. Is it possible he is going thru a growth spurt, he has only been waking once a night since he was 2 months old....or is it possib...

Tuesday 25 July 09:31am

Kat&Ollie started new topic Resuming intimacy after baby

I feel really scared of resuming sex after having our bub. I had a really long and painful labour (42 hours), ending in emergency ventouse and a huge episiotomy. Although the stitches seem to hav...

Saturday 03 June 11:35am

Kat&Ollie started new topic Feeling Blue

I'm having a really blue day today. I'm back to being an insomniac...when I get up at 2ish for Ollies night feed I cant get back to sleep. Today I thought I would crawl into bed when he has his 3 h...

Saturday 03 June 11:30am

Kat&Ollie replied to topic Not enough milk?

Hi Cookiemoo, I'm the same as you regarding the supply almost gone by evening. I have started expressing all of Ollies feeds except for his middle night feed (I always seem to have oodles of mil...

Saturday 03 June 11:23am
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