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[email protected] replied to topic New Mum from Hobart

hi there Dearne hope you are well, I have a little girl she is nearly 5 mths old now. Where abouts in hobart do you live???? what sort of sleeping problems are you having???? hope to chat soon

Thursday 02 March 10:07am

[email protected] replied to topic Avent Bottle Warmer - HELP!!!

hi there I purchased one if these on EBAY, I find it ok because I always used to over heat bubs bottles, I only give her 1 bottle a day of expressed milk, my partner uses it most of the time as I w...

Thursday 02 March 09:59am

[email protected] replied to topic Baby Laura is here!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of you baby girl Laura, she was a little bundle but healthy I hope. hope you are all doing well and good luck for the future! My little girl is 4mths old now and my ...

Monday 30 January 01:51pm

[email protected] started new topic Someone else looking after bubby!

Hi all I sound like I am being silly, but I am going back to work tonight working 5 hour shifts 4 nights a week and daddy is looking after bub, which is great and not a problem at all, but after 3 ...

Tuesday 24 January 02:20pm

[email protected] replied to topic Breastfeeding till???

Hi All, I am currently Breast feeding my 3 1/2 mth old, All is going extremely well, she has always slept through the night and she seems very happy, I dont really have any plans on when to stop, I...

Tuesday 17 January 07:30am

[email protected] replied to topic Sex after birth.. Am I being unfair?

Hi there I totally know what you mean, I have my bubby on the 8th october and I also suffered a 3rd degree tear which went backwards to the Bum hole!! I tore because my bub was 13 days overdue and ...

Sunday 15 January 07:17am
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