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dakelly replied to topic in auckland for six weeks with two under 15 months

You could go to kelly Tarltons (kinda a fish zoo)in mission bay, as it will probably be raining, it is inside and not that big so you wont get bored and lost in it and it close to the city. Or we ...

Sunday 26 June 06:10pm

dakelly replied to topic Periods

wow think yourself luck i had my daughter 6 1/2 mths ago and i haven't stopped bleeding. I'm on the injection and asked my doc about this and some woman do and some dont but she has suggested that ...

Sunday 26 June 05:54pm

dakelly replied to topic Karicare formula

Gold has O mega 3 in it and i geuss better for your daughter kept being sick on the other formula so one day i just started buying gold and now she is hardly ever sick. so yes you can switch.

Sunday 26 June 05:50pm

dakelly replied to topic jail dad

Hello, I had a friend that was in sort of the same positin but her partner went to jail before she even new she was pregnant and he didnt get out till she was 18mths. Because of lack of room in th...

Sunday 26 June 05:43pm

dakelly replied to topic dressed in PINK still gets called a boy

tell me about it i get it all the time no matter how much pink ive dressed my daughter up in people still say "what a lovely boy" what is up with this are they colour blind i guess its cos my daugh...

Sunday 26 June 05:27pm

dakelly replied to topic she did what??

Hi I can understand where she is coming from but its still wrong. You could tell her that her baby could pull the tea towel over its face and also that the milk could run back in to the babys ears...

Sunday 26 June 04:55pm

dakelly replied to topic does anyone know,will she like showers?

I shower my 6mth old and have done for some time now i dont put her head under though. But we have a shower where you can take the hose off. but she loves it not as much as a both though. They dont...

Sunday 26 June 04:47pm

dakelly replied to topic 8 month old still waking for 2 bottles a night!

hello try giving him water instead of milk if this doesnt work try making waking for a night feed not enjoyable eg dont talk to him and/or dont take him out of his cot.Dont let him think that if i...

Sunday 26 June 04:27pm

dakelly replied to topic 9 month old wakes every 4 hours

hello Sounds tiring, try giving him a bottle of water to hold himself. Dont talk to him or get daddy to do it. he's probably doing it cos its a nice quite time with mummy dont even take him out of...

Sunday 26 June 04:12pm

dakelly replied to topic 6 month old still waking up for feed(normal)

Hi I also have a 6mth old (daughter) and up untill a week ago she had to fall asleep on me and i'd sneak her into her cot and she was waking 4 times a night for a feed drinking about 200mls in the...

Sunday 26 June 04:07pm
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