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chickaboo replied to topic 10 month old, sudden change at night

I have a ten month old that wakes every night for a feed and then wakes between 4-30 and 5-30 every morning. I have tried everything. I have been told that it will pass, I'm just hoping that it's b...

Tuesday 09 January 06:25pm

chickaboo started new topic is it normal?

Hi, my DD used to poo frequently but now does maybe one a week for the last three weeks. She is only breastfed. She also does not seem to drink as much in the mornings. I don't know what's going on...

Friday 02 June 03:13am

chickaboo started new topic not looking at you when you speak

Hi, my baby girl refuses to look at anyone when they speak. She has had her hearing checked and it is ok. She is 3 months old. Does anyone have a baby that didn't look but now does?

Thursday 01 June 05:49am
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