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sinastar started new topic Can't self settle!!!!

Every night my 3month old DS has to be rocked to sleep & screams while being rocked..He eventually falls asleep..after tiring himself out from all the crying. I know he is tired because he cant kee...

Friday 08 September 05:19am

sinastar started new topic Immunisation!!!!!

Help!! I'm travelling very soon with my 3 month old son & we are travelling to a little pacific island (under the care of New Zealand)..We will be there for 2 months so he will be missing out on hi...

Friday 18 August 07:07pm

sinastar started new topic Fussy bubby!

Hello..My DS is nearly 4 weeks & I am 100% breastfeeding. Well, my problem is that every feed he likes to chomp down and push me away with his hands & pull away at my breast while still latched on....

Monday 26 June 10:54am

sinastar replied to topic Newborn Temperature

Hi pricep.. The average temp for bubs should be between 36.5-37 degrees..a fever is anything above 37.5 degrees.. I hope this helps..

Saturday 10 June 01:53pm

sinastar started new topic strong headed!

Hi..Just wondering... I have just recently had a bubs who is only 11 days old. I find that every time I go to put him up against my shoulder to burp him he lifts his neck up & turns it to the other...

Thursday 08 June 05:31pm

sinastar started new topic Waters Breaking

Good Morning ladies.. I awoke to the gushing of my waters breaking at 7am this morning. I am a little mum whom is my support person doesnt fly in from overseas till tomorrow morning..I ...

Saturday 27 May 03:59am

sinastar replied to topic Anyone else's Group Strep B Positive??

Hi MandasFirstBaby.. I seem to be in the same boat as you. I found out yesterday that my swab also came back positive. My widwife told me as soon as I go into labour that I would have a drip with ...

Wednesday 24 May 10:32am

sinastar replied to topic breech at 34wks

Hi.. Don't worry too much. My baby was head down at 34 weeks & by 36 weeks he was breech. The next week he was head down just wait & see what happens there is still plenty of room for...

Tuesday 23 May 01:02pm

sinastar started new topic going crazy!!

I am not with my babys father anymore because of his indiscretions. I recently confronted him about them based on a gut feeling that I had & he admitted to it. This was a couple of weeks ago. I ...

Thursday 18 May 07:10am

sinastar started new topic surname blues..

I'm 36 weeks today & the father of my baby & I are in a quarrel about baby's surname. He wants baby to have his fathers surname which is different to his own..I was wondering if this was possible t...

Saturday 06 May 05:32am

sinastar started new topic what to take to hospital??

I'm a first time mum and I have only 4 weeks to go. I was just wanted to know what would you usually pack to take to hospital, especially what I would need to take for baby during his hospital stay...

Friday 05 May 06:22pm
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