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Jacki replied to topic Heating Breast Milk

Hi, I use an advent warmer at home when i reheat my breastmilk as well and find it only takes about 5 minutes. Placing the bottle in hot water also works to heat bottle but make sure not to ...

Thursday 03 August 05:41am

Jacki replied to topic tongue tie

hi marnie i had my daughters tounge snipped when she was 11 weeks old it has helped tremendously and she wasfine after it was done she feed straight away and ddint seem to have any discomfo...

Friday 14 July 07:39am

Jacki replied to topic refusing formula but not the bottle

Hi Verity, I just wanted to let you know that one of my friends had the exact smae problem the baby opnly wanted breastmilk casue that was what he was used to. In her case she just kept persisti...

Friday 26 May 08:17pm

Jacki replied to topic wont feed

hi danae, I am having a very similar problem with my 6 week old. She has decided to play up with her bottle feeds since monday. She has decided to fight the bottle too. I thought it might be ...

Friday 19 May 05:14pm

Jacki started new topic How long should i try to breastfeed?

My little one is now 4 and a 1/2 weeks old and has never once properly attached to the breast due to my large flat nipples and a little tongue tie on her behalf. I have been attempting to attach h...

Sunday 07 May 05:43am

Jacki started new topic What do you use to freeze breastmilk in?

Hi everyone, I have been expressing breast milk for the last month due to my daughter not being ablt to attach to the breast due to my huge flat nipples and her mild tounge tie. Due to this i h...

Thursday 04 May 09:12am

Jacki replied to topic Is anyone else due in April 2006

hi Everyone. My first is due on the 8th of april. I found out at my 19 week ultrasound that i am having a girl. My hubby is over the moon. I had to use fertility drugs to get pregnant due to P...

Thursday 24 November 07:31am
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