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Rikii replied to topic Addicted to Pamol!

My son had medicine pumped into him every morning and night for the first 10 months of life (docs thought he was epileptic but turned out to be another neurological disorder). Then from about 2.5yr...

Thursday 28 January 04:38am

Rikii replied to topic Possible Asthma in 7mth old baby...

My sister in law is going through the exact same thing with her son. He was in hospital for 3 days with severe bronchiolitis when he was 11 months old. 6 months later he is having to use ventalin w...

Saturday 23 January 08:20am

Rikii replied to topic Constant ear infections

My son (now 3.5yrs old) has battled with ear infections all his life. Like you rbub, it would take 4+ lots of antibiotics to clear them up. He went to the ear specialist when he was just under 1yr ...

Saturday 23 January 08:13am

Rikii replied to topic When to change teat size on bottles?

I always gauged it on how they fed. It becomes obvious that they are drinking slower and getting frustrated when they are drinking. Both my sons went up teat sizes before the recommended ages. My s...

Saturday 23 January 07:39am

Rikii replied to topic VERY UPSET 3YR OLD WHO CAN'T USE THE LOO

My son did very similar things. Said he wanted to go to the toilet (he had his own special potty). He would go, and nothing. 5 mins later he would wee or poop on floor. This went on for a few weeks...

Saturday 23 January 07:23am

Rikii replied to topic weighing 8kg at 2 months!

I think some bubs just put on weight easier than others, but also some grow in length alot quicker. My son was: born: 3.94kg 49cm 2 mth: 6.1kg 58cm 4 mth: 8.52 kg 64cm 6 mth: 10.6 kg 68cm 9 mth: 11...

Saturday 23 January 07:09am

Rikii replied to topic 10 months old - what are they doing?

My son is nearly 11 months old and still won't sit, won't stand at all even when supported under the arms, and has no teeth. he sounds very slow.... (my older son, 3.5yrs was doing everything aroun...

Sunday 27 December 06:21pm

Rikii started new topic 10mnth old won't sit or stand

I have a 10 month old son who won't sit for more than a second or two without toppling over, and when i hold him under his arms he still won't bare any weight (ie stand) he just drops to his knees ...

Friday 18 December 02:02pm

Rikii replied to topic 9 months routine

Every child has different routines even at this age, but this is what my bub was doing at 9 months (1 month ago): : 6-6.30am Wakes up (yes I have early rises LOL) : 7.30am Brekky (bowl of bub porri...

Saturday 12 December 08:04am

Rikii replied to topic Grommets

Thankyou everyone for your tips and advice. I did actually buy the swimmers head band and tried it at the pool. He loved it luckily and kept in on the whole time. As for earplugs, I decided to get ...

Wednesday 25 November 11:45am

Rikii replied to topic Repeat ear infections

My son is now 3.5yrs old and is going in to hosp next week to have grommets put it. He has had constant ear infections since he was little (some infections taking upto 4 lots of antibiotics to clea...

Wednesday 25 November 11:36am

Rikii replied to topic I think my baby has "Geographic Tongue"

My son has had geographical tongue on and off for a year now. Our doc told us that it sometimes happens (they don't know why) after the child has had a virus. At first I thought and was told by a s...

Wednesday 25 November 11:26am

Rikii replied to topic Sore Bum

My son did a very similar thing (same age of 3, and I was also preggers) and on inspection of his bum I noticed it wasn't red at all but the hole was slightly protrouded and felt tightish when I pu...

Thursday 05 November 07:29am

Rikii replied to topic Does anyone's toddler react badly to food colourings?

My son is very much the same. We worked out that one of his biggest triggers was strawberries.... He just loves fruit and would often have a little bowl of strawberries, after which we noticed he w...

Thursday 05 November 07:24am

Rikii started new topic Grommets

My 3yr is getting grommets put in on Dec 1st. I am wondering what other parents used to keep water out of their childs ears once grommets were in. I have brought some silicone ear plugs to get him ...

Thursday 05 November 07:16am

Rikii replied to topic Ants in the cot - help!

In the supermarket you can buy these little flat (flower pattern) plastic stick on things that attract ants to them. They don't smell (that I can smell) and you could stick them somewhere near the ...

Thursday 05 November 07:10am

Rikii replied to topic Dimetapp Elixer??

Medical board is getting more strict on medicines for children under 2 due to the mistackes made by other countries (ie, America don't give month range levels on back of bottles just a group range ...

Wednesday 28 October 05:56am

Rikii replied to topic 3 month old stats?

[color=red][b]DS 1:[/color][/b] [color=blue]born[/color] 3.86kg (8lb 8oz) 49cm [color=blue]2 months:[/color] 6.1kg (13lb 8oz) 58cm [color=blue]3 months:[/color] 7.75kg (17lb 2oz) 62cm [color=...

Tuesday 27 October 09:15am

Rikii replied to topic Troubles at nappy-changing time

I have heard this little trick has worked for a few friends of mine, and has for me in the past too, put some rolled up sticky tape in their hand (obviously need to be watched not to put in mouth, ...

Tuesday 27 October 09:02am

Rikii replied to topic 8.5 month old still not sitting at all, even in pram or h/chair he falls sideways

UPDATE: Took my ds to the doc and haha the little munchkin sat for the doc for his very first time. I think taking him to the chiropractor helped already. He will now sit for a few seconds before ...

Sunday 25 October 01:07pm
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