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jamesmama replied to topic C-section and ab work

hi there i had a c-section 6 months ago and was told that (by a physo) that i could start doing ab exercires (light only)as and when i feltstrong anef to do so so as long u havent had any major pr...

Thursday 22 December 01:05pm

jamesmama started new topic he wont sleep thur

my wee boy is 6 months old and will only sleep maybe 3 or 4 hours for a feed and he is hungry he wakes at least 2 too 3 times a night each time for a bottle and he is tried in the moring i dont no ...

Wednesday 21 December 11:03am

jamesmama replied to topic Hard Poo's!

hi there my wee man has had hard poos on and off(haha for the last two weeks my mum and my doctor told me to try dilighting his bottles to increase his water intake and that seems too work for him ...

Wednesday 21 December 10:49am
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