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*mum_of_3* replied to topic Body Trim System

ok so the first week ive lost 3.8kgs so not too bad i read some of the reviews n there mixed feelings on it, so far i dont mind it n i liked the fact theres a "free day" im now under 80kgs so im r...

Wednesday 06 April 07:10pm

*mum_of_3* started new topic Body Trim System

Hi ladies, i started the body trim system yesterday would be interesting to hear other ppls storys if they have done it or know ppl who have I have lost 8kgs eating healthy n going gym, but with ...

Tuesday 29 March 07:10pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic Am losing all inspiration.....

I know it's not what you are looking for but I made a chocolate self saucing pudding in my slowy last weekend and it was divine! Does your DH eat chicken? I made a chicken, bacon and potato cass...

Saturday 23 October 02:55am

*mum_of_3* replied to topic I got told I looked hot today!!

oh and a cpl of days ago they said to me oh mummy what are those of ur boobies n i said their nipples why? n they said they look like big round chocolates LOL (mine go really dark when im pregnant ...

Tuesday 12 October 03:26am

*mum_of_3* replied to topic I got told I looked hot today!!

well i got out of the shower a few mnths back n DD1 was talking to me n says "oh yuck' n im like what she says "your bum is disgusting!" LOL why thanks i thought it was perfect looking (note sarcas...

Monday 11 October 08:23pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic GENDER PREDICTOR TEST

i did it with this pregnancy and it said boy...all the ultrasounds have said boy (including a 4d one which was visibly clear unless it falls off in the next 5 days haha) BUT a friend of mine did it...

Saturday 09 October 08:10pm

*mum_of_3* started new topic First born always like the father?

my first born is exactly like me! She looks like me she has my personality AND attiude eeeek lol im in a bit of trouble when shes 16 haha my 2nd born is alot like her dad but as she gets older shes...

Thursday 07 October 02:28am

*mum_of_3* replied to topic I am soooooooooo terrible!!!

i love them!!!

Wednesday 06 October 07:32pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic to castor oil or not? lol

yeah i was thinking it was going to be a NOT lol i bought it as it was only $6 but deep down i knew i was never game enough to try it lol walked the 3 dogs the other nite but that killed me haha an...

Tuesday 05 October 10:14pm

*mum_of_3* started new topic to castor oil or not? lol

im due next week but well over it, babys head is down n it hurts soooooo much down there i cant even roll over in bed without cringing in i bought castor oil yesterday but really not sure...

Tuesday 05 October 09:00pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic I'm an aunty again!!

congrats aunty! love the name by the way

Tuesday 05 October 08:57pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic How much do you pay for a hair trim>???

where i used to work mens hair cuts are $32 and womans just a trim $48 with a wash & blow wave $72 lol

Friday 24 September 06:38pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic any way i can

oh yay!! haha deep down i knew that the answer would be no n it usually happens before birth lol this is my 3rd but i was never uncomfortable with the girls as i am with this one! i was overdue wit...

Wednesday 22 September 08:10pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic 1300 Health Nurse Number?

1300 606 024

Wednesday 22 September 06:09pm

*mum_of_3* started new topic any way i can

im 37 weeks tomorro n was in hospital yesterday being monitored as i wasnt breathing properly and swelling in my hands and feet but everything ended up being ok. Now they said baby was head down bu...

Wednesday 22 September 05:46pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic People steal weird things

oh n her car was out front of her house! People r so friggen rude!

Tuesday 07 September 10:47pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic People steal weird things

On the way to Newcastle the other day, we went past spot where people park their cars to sell them. One person must have left their ute there overnight and it had been put on blocks and the wheels...

Tuesday 07 September 10:46pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic Epilepsy

Hey, How scary that u actually had to resusitate ur daughter! its so horrible to watch it daughter is on epilim n it it great, she has to see her dr every 3 mnths im not sure till when ...

Tuesday 07 September 09:40pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic We are SOOOOO excited........

Congrats on ur little man!! I have 2 girls and amd 35 weeks with my 3rd and its a boy..everyones was like oh bet ur hoping for a boy n to be honest i would have loved another little girl but couldn...

Tuesday 07 September 09:36pm

*mum_of_3* replied to topic shortening names

i dont mind names shortened depends what it is tho lol...DD2's name is dakota n i hate when ppl call her Daks (reminds me of undies) haha if i ever shorten it i call her kota...if i was having a gi...

Tuesday 07 September 02:21am
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