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violetrose replied to topic can you be induced for VBAC??

no, you cannot be induced after having a c/s, it increases the risks of uterine rupture, and if your doc suggests it i would suggest getting a diffrent doc, it is a well documented and quite a scar...

Tuesday 27 February 11:28am

violetrose replied to topic Supplements when BF

If you have a good/ok diet it is completely unesecary to take any supplements at all, basically its a money spinner, of course if your feeling run down or have been sick its probably a diffrent sto...

Thursday 21 December 11:02am

violetrose replied to topic Does Sleeping With Baby Lead To Future Problems.

co-sleeping is the norm in most parts of the world, its actually been said to help a childs self esteem independance etc etc etc, its not a bad thing its not a rod for your back, if its what you wa...

Thursday 30 November 07:05pm

violetrose replied to topic cows milk

besides the fact that cows milk is not recomended to be given at all before 12 months, your bubs family has a history of allergies, i would be talking to your gp, or better yet a paed before introd...

Thursday 23 November 08:43pm

violetrose replied to topic Implanon implant

I had it, and had it taken out 3 months later, imo its crap! i had a reaction to it, just like i react to all hormone related contraceptives and all condoms, hance the reason why i have 3 kids at t...

Thursday 23 November 08:18pm

violetrose replied to topic Vinegar/Bicarb tip????

just chuck the vinegar in a spray bottle, spray the surfaces sprinkle on some bicarb another light spray of vinegar and wipe, or scrub away!!! i bought a salt shaker like the ones at take away shop...

Sunday 19 November 03:46pm

violetrose replied to topic What do you use for eczema?????

hi havent read all the replies so sorry if im repeating! My dd gets flare ups when i drink/eat dairy (though the amount of milk i have in tea seems to be ok!) we dont use any chemicals on her or on...

Saturday 11 November 08:18pm

violetrose replied to topic Whats a cloth nappy cleaning routine?

we dry pail too, i give everything a quick rinse just before popping them in the machine, and i always line dry and all of mine are snowy white and my bubs with extremelly sensitive skin has neve...

Tuesday 26 September 07:54am

violetrose started new topic The term NAZI

I have noticed that this term is being bandied about this site quite a lot in referring to women who are pro-breastfeeding, i suggest the people who use it so freely google it and discover what it ...

Tuesday 26 September 07:50am

violetrose replied to topic Only one breastfeed in 24 hours

If he continues to refuse the breast give the aba a call, you can get info at not knowing how old he is, makes it hard to give advice, the only thing i can think of is to ...

Tuesday 26 September 06:45am

violetrose replied to topic It's not all or nothing with breast feeding

Hi there there are always benefits to breastmilk even if they only get 1 feed a day or even less! tis amazing stuff! there is research about the benefits, check out, for m...

Saturday 23 September 09:35am

violetrose replied to topic Has anyone had a naming day??

I held a naming day for all 3 of my girls back in may, so they were 3months, 3 and 4 at the time, we held it at my in laws house, and my mum conducted the ceremony, we have 2 female mentors and 1 m...

Friday 22 September 11:40am

violetrose replied to topic What does yor Hubby do for a job?

My dh is a computer Technician, though it doesnt really describe him accuratly imo, he works for an isp, and mainly takes care of business servers etc etc.... downfall for me is there is approx 10 ...

Tuesday 12 September 07:01am

violetrose replied to topic Polar fleece liners

Hey there I use cl0th full time, i also always use fleece liners, with the pressure from bubs the wee soaks straight through the liner keeping bubs relativly dry, so dont worry about it!!! Also iv...

Saturday 09 September 06:34pm

violetrose replied to topic breastfeeding troubles

Im with Sel, call an ABA counsellor they are fantastic for suggestions! a few tips for the meantime stop giving him the bottle, you will produce enough milk for him if you feed on demand, in other...

Saturday 09 September 06:27pm

violetrose replied to topic RELACTATION

It is possible to relactate, mothers who have adopted there children are able to breastfeed so with time and perserverance so can you! I strongly suggest that you check out the ABA website and find...

Friday 08 September 12:13pm

violetrose replied to topic Vegetarian Babies???

I highly doubt it has anything to do with being a vego, if they are strict vegos they would know all about making sure there bub had enough iron.......besides breastmilk and formula both have iron ...

Friday 11 August 08:34am

violetrose replied to topic Chemical Sensitivity in Babies


Friday 11 August 08:29am

violetrose replied to topic violetrose?????

Hey there, ive only just started coming here again in the last week, thought id see if any port mummys were around and bang theres my name! im hopeless with msnger, but feel free to email, [email protected]

Tuesday 08 August 03:05pm

violetrose replied to topic Breast feeding and your period

Hi yes my daughter is a bit fussy during my period too, apparently it only affects the taste of your milk, which is what they fuss about, if you like garlic, i suggest adding it to whatever you c...

Tuesday 08 August 11:38am
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