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Mindy replied to topic all brissy mums

sounds good to me. I live at Caboolture.

Saturday 03 February 02:38pm

Mindy replied to topic Teaching my son to eat on his own - any tips please?????

Hi My son is 13months as well. About 6 weeks ago I started with giving him a spoon when ever I fed him. He would just hang on to it or threw it on the floor. I just kept picking it up and handed i...

Sunday 22 October 09:41am


Hi girls, My little fellow just turned one yesterday. As it was also fathers day we just had our family and did finger food. He loved having his 5 cousins around to play with. He has been walking ...

Tuesday 05 September 04:03am

Mindy replied to topic Baby refuses to take Panadol

HI Have you tryed the chemist brand there flavour is not as strong as panadol. My son hate both but he loves dymadon which is orange flavour.

Thursday 10 August 07:10am

Mindy replied to topic Baby Sleeping in Bassinette

My DS was in his bassinet in our room for 3 months and had to go in his cot as he got to big. My husband went back to work 3 days after DS came home and didn't mind having little fellow in our room...

Saturday 22 July 11:26am

Mindy replied to topic every 2hrs help sleep deprived

Hi My SIL had the same probablem she found that a bottle of formula just before bed helped her little one sleep longer at night. Mindy

Monday 17 July 05:12pm

Mindy started new topic Deciding which hospital?

Hi all didn't know where to post this. We are planning for number 2. DS was born at Caboolture and I had a real bad time their. Will not go back. Ds almost died due to midwifes not calling doc in...

Thursday 13 July 09:47am

Mindy replied to topic Big, fat

Hi Jebs mum, I have the same problem DS feet are wide and the shoes that feet are too long. I decide not to by shoe and just put socks on until now because its getting colder. We found clarks shoe...

Friday 07 July 01:00pm

Mindy replied to topic Transporting formula feeds

Hi Erin, I always take bottles of warm water in a bottle bag which keeps it warm for longer and put formula in a container. You should not keep formula made up warm for more than 1 hour. Hope t...

Friday 07 July 06:46am

Mindy replied to topic help , high temp and wont take medicine!

Hi My SIL had your problem couple of weeks ago. I know this sounds mean but it worked for her. Her hubby held little fellow lying down and she put the nurofen in his mouth and pinched shut his nos...

Monday 03 July 08:59am

Mindy replied to topic Self bottle feeding???

DS 10 months sit on my lap on a slight angle (his back to my front) and likes to fed himself sometimes. Most times I have to fed him and can be a bit difficult at times at this angle but he will no...

Friday 30 June 04:31pm

Mindy replied to topic will i still be able to feed!!

Hi. I fond if your not keeping the milk the best place to express was in the shower as the warm water helps.

Friday 30 June 12:10pm

Mindy replied to topic What not to eat when breast feeding

Hi I was told not to eat peas, cauliflower and anything with high acid in it at least 2 hours before feeding as it may cause baby to have baby wind or tummy pains. Maybe try some natural wind dro...

Friday 30 June 11:56am

Mindy started new topic Cake what sort?

Hi everyone, My little fellow will have his 1st b'day in 2 months and wondering what sort of cake to have? Love to hear what you had or idea? Thanks everyone. Mindy

Thursday 29 June 11:24am

Mindy replied to topic I am looking for.....

Are you after the cd or dvd? You can get the dvd from abc shops. Have a look or ask at a music shop they might be able to get one for you.

Tuesday 27 June 09:08am

Mindy replied to topic baby wont take bottle

Hi Have you tryed different teats? Maybe if she drinks good from a sipper cup maybe try putting her milk in it and see how she goes.

Tuesday 27 June 05:46am

Mindy replied to topic Tommee Tippee Nappy Wrappers. How long does a Refill last you???

Hi We don't twiste it until Ds does a poo and empty out to main bin about every 2-3 days or if its a real smelly one. We found that you go through the refills a lot quicker if you twiste after eac...

Saturday 24 June 06:26am

Mindy replied to topic im over changing nappies..

Hi jacksons mummy, I have the some trouble as you. I now change him on the floor because Ds flips over so quick that I worry he will full to the floor. My DH help when he's home. Holds him down an...

Saturday 24 June 06:00am

Mindy replied to topic buying clothes for bub

Hi sarah, I've bought a couple of things the next size up just in case. But my SIL went through her old baby stuff and gave me a hole heap of what DS is and the next size up, when I asked the same...

Thursday 22 June 05:26pm

Mindy replied to topic Northside Mums

Hi shelly I'm 28 and Ds is almost ten month. I live at Caboolture. I've add you to my msn. mine is [email protected] Hope to talk. Mandy

Wednesday 21 June 12:45pm
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