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Kelz81 replied to topic wrong sex prediction???

My partner & i paid for the scan to find out the sex, we did it around 26 1/2 weeks along - they're more developed by then too. Apparently little boys like to show off but i guess you could take it...

Sunday 20 August 10:46am

Kelz81 replied to topic c-section and driving

I was told it was due to insurance but i had a planned caesarean & i drove from 2-3 weeks after birth, my partner was working & things had to be done - dd is 10 weeks old now & everything is going ...

Sunday 20 August 10:44am

Kelz81 replied to topic the pill..

You can also have the contraceptive implant put in which wont affect your milk either - it works like the mini pill, for 3 years, so you dont have to remember to take the pill daily!

Sunday 20 August 10:43am

Kelz81 replied to topic Baby boy - Circumcision??

Oh as for the reply you got in regards to feeling later in life - i'd say it would be better to have a foreskin coz the head of the penis is still sensitive & the foreskin can move back & forth but...

Sunday 20 August 10:36am

Kelz81 replied to topic Baby boy - Circumcision??

My thoughts It's ok to have it done but could be unnecessary pain, even with a foreskin, it is just as hygeinic as long as he is taught to clean it when he's older. I dont know of anyone with a ...

Sunday 20 August 10:34am

Kelz81 replied to topic Oh my goodness... the first smile

My little angel (10 weeks now) was smiling around 5 weeks - she was breast feeding, & decided to stop, i told her not to be so cheeky & there it was - the most gorgeous smile i'd ever seen! You're ...

Sunday 20 August 10:29am

Kelz81 replied to topic godparents ?? :)

Hi again I have 4 god parents but my partner only has 2 so it's really just a personal preference. Our dd will be christened soon & we cant decide so we may end up with 3!

Sunday 20 August 10:25am

Kelz81 replied to topic pads afta birth .....

I found it easier to use the Super absorbant ones after the birth, the maternity ones i found to be too thick & uncomfortable. You'll be in hospital for only a few days anyway. I was in for 4 days...

Sunday 20 August 10:22am

Kelz81 replied to topic circumcision

Hi, I thought i'd add in my thoughts on this matter. I think it's a little pointless as the penis can be cleaned with or without a foreskin. So there's no reason to have him circumsised for hygein...

Sunday 20 August 10:19am

Kelz81 replied to topic Breast feeding wardrobe?!?!?!

Hi, My suggestion is to find yourself a nice, thick jacket with a zip down the front - i did that & it was easy to get dd to feed,you only have to zip down a little way & i was set! Good luck, Kel

Wednesday 16 August 06:57am

Kelz81 replied to topic How to get her to take the bottle?

To take the dummy, try a light smear of gylicerine on the dummy if you want her to take them. Also, try the PUR brand bottle with soft teat - mine came with the breast pump & dd took to it instantl...

Wednesday 16 August 06:54am

Kelz81 replied to topic What happens to all the "wrong" teats?...

Here's how lucky i was The first bottle i tried, dd was fine with - it's a self sterilizing bottle from PUR, it's a short bottle with a wide mouth & a large, SOFT teat. The bottle i had came with ...

Wednesday 16 August 06:48am

Kelz81 replied to topic over eating?

Hi Sheree, My dd is 10 wks today & takes 120ml whenever she wants it - not as often as i thought she would but she used to feed what seems like ALL day. If your daughter has a dummy, put a very l...

Wednesday 16 August 06:39am

Kelz81 replied to topic who sterililizes bottles?

I just feel better knowing i have spterilized my bottles, i have a PUR brand bottle & it's a self sterilizing one so it takes just 1 1/2 minutes in the microwave after its been rinsed. Like people ...

Wednesday 16 August 06:35am

Kelz81 replied to topic Food, When??

From what i've read & my dr said - they recommend 6 months for solids however, you can do it from 4-6 months. They say no earlier than 4 months coz it can cause food allergies. I would suggest anyw...

Wednesday 16 August 06:21am

Kelz81 replied to topic refusing the bottle...

Definitely try different teats - i had no problems with the PUR brand bottle - it's a self sterilising one - the teats are really soft & dd took it it right away. DD took that bottle with both br...

Wednesday 16 August 06:08am

Kelz81 replied to topic Expressing milk abit confussed

I did the same thing, since new bubs dont eat much, i was able to get 1 feed in 2 sittings. I just left it in the fridge for a couple of hours, added the 2nd lot of expressed milk & when i had abou...

Wednesday 16 August 06:04am

Kelz81 replied to topic Breastfeeding to Formula feeding

My dd took to the formula very quickly, i was still breast feeding for maybe 3 or 4 days after i started her on the formula - usually the night time feeds & first thing in the morning were on breas...

Wednesday 16 August 05:56am

Kelz81 replied to topic Crying at breast

I had to put my dd on to formula at 8 weeks old coz i wasn't producing enough, i am also breast feeding her as well but she does the same thing as your bub - by the sound of it. I'm not sure reall...

Wednesday 16 August 05:50am

Kelz81 started new topic How much for certain ages?

Hi all, I know all babies are different but is there an average amount of ml's babies usually take at a certain age. My dd (10 weeks) will be happy with 120ml for most feeds but every so often it...

Wednesday 16 August 05:42am
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