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Dixie started new topic How do I wean toddler twins or how do you stop them fighting while feeding?

Hi Everyone, I have 2 year old twins who are still breastfed, I have tried to decrease the number of BF that they get, but it does not seem to work, whenever one has a feed the other thinks what a ...

Thursday 29 November 11:12pm

Dixie replied to topic 7.5mnth old won't eat and closes mouth pls help

Hi, My now 5 yo was not interested in soilds, did not take them till 10 mths, dont rush the little one or it could create negative feelings that may be hard to change. Stick with the bottle and the...

Monday 28 February 11:18pm

Dixie replied to topic afarid of the dark

Hi, My 5 year old still has a nite light. I found this great nite light not the regular plug ins. It is a dinosaur shape soft plastic toy, it sits on a charger (like a mobile phone) so the little o...

Monday 28 February 10:51pm

Dixie started new topic Dummies, do they help? does it affect BF?

Hi, I need some help/advice. I have 4mth old twins, boy and girl. They are completly breastfeed and both have reflux, both on medication for relux. My little girl is good on medication my little ...

Monday 28 February 10:40pm

Dixie replied to topic When did your morning sickness stop?

Hi, 1st daughter was sick till about 20 weeks. 2nd boy, & 3rd girl (twins) was sick every moment of every day till they were born. tried every home remedy and doctors medication none worked. I ...

Sunday 27 February 01:35am

Dixie replied to topic pregnant after miscarriage

Hi, I miscarried an early pregnancy and then fell pregnant again very soon after with my first child. The only advice I can offer is that the miscarriage was probably due to a medical deforimity of...

Sunday 13 February 03:11am

Dixie replied to topic Anyone have twins??

Hi, my twins are 4 months old, the two most used/needed baby items I have are baby swings and a "Lullabub" cot rocker, both my babies like movement. the swing is great through the day and cot rocke...

Sunday 13 February 02:52am

Dixie replied to topic Is your 2yo demanding?

Hi Lucy, sounds like you have your hands full. I have only one child, she is 2yo and demands a lot of my attention. My guess is that your two year old may be playing up to get more attention. I wo...

Monday 07 May 07:16am

Dixie replied to topic any18 mth olds still breastfeeding?

Hi, My DD is 2yo 1 month and still breastfeed. I recently consulted with 2 lactation consultants who all had the opion that breastmilk at this age still gives nutrients and protection to the chil...

Monday 07 May 06:49am

Dixie replied to topic tiny (underweight) toddler

Hi, some days will eat bread, pasta and rice other days wont touch it, or anything else much. brought chocolate cows milk ice cream, wont eat it. has little bit of my chocolate soya ice cream (i ca...

Sunday 06 May 11:34am

Dixie replied to topic TV, Bitting, and very angry

Hi, I agree with the other comment, get rid of the tv, turn it around to face wall or completely remove it for a month. Take your son outside to play, get him a sandpit - the plastic half shells a...

Sunday 06 May 10:58am

Dixie started new topic tiny (underweight) toddler

Hi, My lil girl is 2yo and 1 month, weighs 9.2kg and is 80cm high. The pedetrician has been monitoring her growth for last 8mths or so. She weighed 8kg at 1yo so not gained much in last year. She ...

Sunday 06 May 09:41am

Dixie replied to topic Help, I'm puzzled! 15 months- crab crawling, not talking

Hi, my lil one crab crawled we called it "bum scooting" she walked when she was about 1 1/2, about two months after learning to walk she learnt to crawl, when she is playing she often crawls and th...

Sunday 06 May 09:25am

Dixie replied to topic Still breastfeeding ?

Hi, My lil girl turned two early last month, I am still breastfeeding her, she is happy and very adventourous at home, shy in public though (getting braver at daycare). She is well behaved, co sle...

Sunday 06 May 09:08am

Dixie started new topic Return of menstrual cycle

My daughter is nearly 15 months, I had the usual bleeding after birth but since have only had one brief period, I am still breastfeeding her, I am not on any contraception and would like to fall pr...

Friday 23 June 06:04pm

Dixie replied to topic Breastfeeding and teeth - OUCH

My 9 1/2 month old girl also enjoys pinching me, especially my breast when feeding, she also plays with freckles and my belly button bar is her favourite thing to tug on when in the bath. I told h...

Sunday 29 January 03:14pm

Dixie started new topic Breastfeeding and surgery

Hi, Bub is almost 10 months old and solely breastfeed. I have to have a general anasetethic to have wisdom teeth out in two weeks. How long before I can feed bub afterwards? They told me that a...

Sunday 29 January 03:02pm

Dixie replied to topic To all mums still feeding thru the night with 6mth bubs.....

Hi, my bub is 9 1/2 months old and breastfeed, she wakes several times a night to feed, I have found the easiest way around this is that she sleeps with us, I dodnt need to get out of bed, she does...

Sunday 29 January 02:33pm

Dixie replied to topic Whats going on?

My partner is the same, he cant settle our bub, shes 7 months now and he's still trying. If she is crying as soon as i put me hands on her she starts to settle, 1-2 mins later shes laughing in my ...

Friday 04 November 08:46pm
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