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yaky started new topic How do you know what is causing it?

I have boy/girl twins, my little boy Aidan has the perfect skin, but his sister Nadia has got eczema around her neck and chest. It gets quite irritable and she scratches it until it bleeds. Is th...

Saturday 11 November 12:00pm

yaky replied to topic looking for info on twin deliveries

Hi lisa, as far as I know you have the choice, but like kelly said it depends on how the babies are positioned, I am having twins in April and my lead twin is breech so I am going to be booked in f...

Tuesday 21 March 10:45pm

yaky replied to topic preventing birth defects

Hi there, Earlier this year I was pregnant and due to give birth early September. Everything seemed to be going fine until we went for a routine scan at 19 weeks, when my husband and I were told ...

Wednesday 21 December 04:45pm
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