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mum2many replied to topic Middle name for Tye.........

Forgot to mention that I also have a step daughter (that is why you see that we already have five and expecting no 5 ) oops

Tuesday 04 April 06:57pm

mum2many started new topic Middle name for Tye.........

Hi We are expecting baby no 5 So far we have Edwin James Tarley Brooke Zoe Georgia Jacinta Clem and Tatyana Rose We have managed to agree on Imogen Grace if by some miracle the ultrasound is wr...

Tuesday 04 April 06:55pm

mum2many started new topic IUGR and Anemia

Hi I am wondering if you can tell me if there is a known connection between IUGR and anemia. I am now pregnant with my 5th baby and in my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with IUGR and anemia. At t...

Wednesday 29 March 11:30am

mum2many started new topic Weight loss during pregnancy

Hi everyone I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has had the same experience and what the outcome was. I am now 31 weeks pregnant with baby number 5. I have always put on weight...

Monday 27 March 01:11pm

mum2many replied to topic Exterminator

HI Just5 read your post and I can tellfrom experience that one night is plenty, just make sure you air the house out for an hour before going back in. It seems that everytime I get pregnant I di...

Thursday 16 March 03:30pm

mum2many replied to topic 28 WEEK DIABETIC BLOODTEST

Hi Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. For every one of my 5 blood tests I have felt exactly the same. I am still waiting on the results of the fifth but the other four came back fine s...

Thursday 16 March 03:14pm

mum2many replied to topic haemorrhoids (the forbidden topic!)

Hi there and good luck with your labour, not long at all to go I had haemerrhoids with my first labour and let me tell you that when you are in labour you don't even notice that they are there. Y...

Sunday 26 February 09:45pm

mum2many replied to topic Ovarian Cyst

Hi Berni I also have an ovarian cyst. 10 x 8 cm I am seeing the obs/gyno at the hospital who has taken over my care. My Cyst was found at 8weeks. I am now 20weeks. The way they are managing my care...

Monday 02 January 11:53pm

mum2many replied to topic How Do We Introduce The Toilet?

Hi Bris mummy I am sorry to hear that you have noone around to help you with this whole rollercoaster they call parenting ! My son was the easiest to toilet train. If you have a little go get ...

Monday 17 October 06:16am

mum2many replied to topic Does anyone else feel like..

I now exactly what you mean, I have now come up with the response "oh yes and I AM fine thanks " Bitchy I know but thats what you get from a hormonal woman lol!!!! Y ou just have to get a hobby a...

Sunday 16 October 12:29pm

mum2many started new topic ?Twins?

Hi I am hoping that someone out there may be able to give me some insight as to what are the key tip offs that you are pregnant with twins I am pregnant (a big suprise in itself) with ........wai...

Sunday 16 October 10:20am

mum2many replied to topic 2 kids and 15 weeks with 3rd

My eldest (son) is called Edwin thought that was original and might help havent thought of another boys one yet (lucky the rest were girls huh lol)

Saturday 15 October 10:10am

mum2many replied to topic Sore breasts

Hi Bigglet I had the same problems with my first don't wait another day get yourself some wool fat cream the pure stuff, absolutely fantastic. Oh and just a warning you might want to put a bit of t...

Saturday 15 October 10:03am

mum2many replied to topic What does it feel like when baby's engaged?

That is a hard question to answer because I found that it was a different feeling with each of my children, though I tand to agree with the head grinding feeling. If you are worried don't hesitate ...

Saturday 15 October 08:44am

mum2many replied to topic A bit of Fun- what does the cravings mean boy or girl

Hi Myrtle I have had a strange mix of cravings. With my first (b) 2nd (g) and 3rd (g) I craved tomato cut in half and buttered (like a piece of bread) with heaps of salt and pepper. With my 4th (g...

Saturday 15 October 08:35am
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