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rcjarrett replied to topic Nee dhelp for my 16 month old

You can keep giving him formula if you think it will help him. It won't hurt him at all. Vegetarians are usually advised to continue with formula to 2 years because of the possible lack of iron i...

Monday 24 October 12:49pm

rcjarrett replied to topic Am I feeding my child to little?

It sounds okay to me. Every child is different. My son was 12 1/2kg at 12 months and I don't think he eats any more than this even though he is a tall boy who is well above average for weight and...

Friday 21 October 11:59pm

rcjarrett replied to topic grazing?

Did you know that grazing is actually the best way to eat for us as well? The more times you eat during the day the more efficient your metabolism becomes which can save weight issues later. If t...

Friday 21 October 11:52pm

rcjarrett replied to topic 15 month old wants to feed himself

I agree if he wants to try you should let him. Most children won't eat well with a spoon until at least 18 months and many will take a lot longer than that. Can't he eat his lasagne with his hand...

Friday 21 October 11:49pm

rcjarrett replied to topic I NEED IDEA'S PLEASE

The cheese might work for you as it seems to be popular. Try other vegies like carrot (which is quite sweet) or add the sweeter vegies like carrot to the pumpkin and potato. Apple is definitely a...

Friday 21 October 11:44pm

rcjarrett replied to topic 13 Month Old still Wakes in the Early Morning for Formula

Try putting her back to bed without the bottle and just patting her etc. Perhaps if you slowly decrease the amount of Formula by about 20mls at a time she might just get used to not having it anym...

Friday 21 October 11:41pm

rcjarrett replied to topic no more sterilizing bottles

I strangely also felt guilty about not sterilising bottles anymore after 12 months but as children are putting everything from everywhere in their mouth anyway there is really no need to do it afte...

Friday 21 October 11:36pm

rcjarrett replied to topic 14 month old - does not eat on his own!!

Finger foods can start at around 9 months but as all children are different they don't all go for this concept. Try a few different foods. I too think toast is a healthy option that seems to go d...

Friday 21 October 11:33pm

rcjarrett replied to topic Dinnertime Disaster..Help!

Sounds like classic attention seeking behaviour to me. Lincoln should be put in a high chair to save him upsetting his fathers dinner and coming to any harm. Put his dinner in front of him then p...

Friday 21 October 11:10pm

rcjarrett replied to topic when to stop boiling water?

Water from a tap after 12 months should be fine. If you drink it then your baby can too.

Friday 21 October 11:03pm

rcjarrett replied to topic I was told not to give sausages, sausage rolls and nestle yoghurt

Sounds unusual to me. Perhaps the weight gain was significant since 12 months so you have the only eating toddler in this Parents exchange and the weight gain was large. This would explain why sa...

Friday 21 October 10:57pm

rcjarrett replied to topic How do i get my son to eat

Toddlers are really fussy about food. Fish fingers, tuna, rice, yoghurt and milk offer reasonable nutrition so I don't think there is a huge problem. Children won't starve themselves. If he is g...

Friday 21 October 10:40pm

rcjarrett replied to topic Screaming and yelling at Dinner time

Toddlers are normally very fussy about food and often see it as a great way to assert their independence and test boundaries. Guess what? Your attention to this issue is unfortunately not helping...

Friday 21 October 10:33pm

rcjarrett replied to topic no teeth!!!!

Every child is different and the time for first teeth varies greatly from one child to another. I have heard of children who are even born with teeth. Apparently the later they come the stronger ...

Friday 21 October 10:23pm

rcjarrett replied to topic PEANUT BUTTER is it ok for under 3s

If your daughter is prone to allergies (ie. eczema is an allergy related condition) then try smooth peanut butter in small amounts and watch carefully for a reaction. If there is no history of foo...

Friday 21 October 10:16pm

rcjarrett replied to topic How long is it ok to breastfeed till?

You can breastfeed for quite a while yet without any harm coming to your child and other people can just mind their own business. I was unfortunately unable to breastfeed my darling because my inv...

Friday 21 October 10:11pm

rcjarrett replied to topic Are Breakfast Bars OK?.

I made some mini muffins for my son and have frozen lots of them. He didn't like them straight away but likes them now. He also happily eats Cruskets as a snack and occasionally some of a sandwic...

Friday 21 October 10:05pm

rcjarrett replied to topic Should bub be on cows milk?

Formula is fine for your baby and my baby will be on it until he is 2 if he continues to take it. It has more nutrients than cows milk so it is only the expense that causes an issue. If you want ...

Friday 21 October 09:54pm

rcjarrett replied to topic multigrain bread

Multigrain is not the best option but is better than white. We are semi-vegetarian so our baby eats wholemeal because it has more iron in it and as he has never eaten anything else he doesn't know...

Friday 21 October 09:49pm

rcjarrett replied to topic what age do they hold there own spoon etc

My 13 1/2 month old always throws lots of food on the floor. I bought a drop sheet (used to cover furniture by painters) from K-Mart and I cut it into 4 pieces and sponged them to make sure they w...

Friday 21 October 09:41pm
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