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lisad76 replied to topic Renting out a property

Also talk to your bank - we reconfigured our bank loans so that more was owing on the rental - that way we got more gain for it in terms of tax. Overall on both houses we owed the same amount of mo...

Friday 14 May 02:38am

lisad76 replied to topic Renting out a property

Thanks heaps for the info. Wow, i didn't realise you could claim so much. I just want to make sure that financially, it's the best choice to rent it out instead of sell for us. So just the basi...

Friday 14 May 02:35am

lisad76 replied to topic 3yr old and speech theropy

We started speech therapy this week, with Ben who is 4 in June... He has been having problems with his speech getting worse over the past 6 months, but everyone kept saying it was just a developmen...

Wednesday 14 April 06:07pm

lisad76 replied to topic Buying online from O/S

Also look at things like then getting it registered here - it might not meet requirements and require costly modifications such as with power and electrical wirring for lights and things. Also you ...

Monday 12 April 05:20am

lisad76 replied to topic Fundraiser advice needed

I would send them a letter with every bit of info on it that you could think of, such as min number of orders, time frame for delivery,how they will be delivered, as well as a sample letter about t...

Sunday 11 April 11:34pm

lisad76 replied to topic Party planning help.

lots of cheap shops are clearing out Easter stock so u might be able to get a heap of bunny ears to give to to the ladies as they arrive

Sunday 11 April 08:24pm

lisad76 replied to topic vicks baby balsam

Its an "old wives tale" put vicks on your feet, then socks and by the morning your cold will be gone... Supposedly works due to all the reflexology points on the feet being activated due to the mas...

Sunday 11 April 07:53pm

lisad76 replied to topic is going INSANE

You can get a powder from the council or hardware shop too that you mix with water and spray on all the gardens/grass/under the house... Think it was about $6 a pack which does a fair bit.. might b...

Sunday 11 April 07:50pm

lisad76 replied to topic I might FINALLY be getting on top of the flea issue.......

get some of the spray from the hardware shop to spray the areas where the animals "play" aswell - knock off the source of the re-infestations... One place I rented was disgusting fleas thru the who...

Saturday 10 April 12:03pm

lisad76 replied to topic OMG I am over all the lying and sneaking around!!!

Dee - dont forget to hide your credit card so it she cant use the CC number to get them downloaded on friends computers... Also make sure you get a black texta and colour over the 3 digit security ...

Tuesday 30 March 05:25am

lisad76 replied to topic Who here is into photography?????

bubbles are also a great shot your theme could be bubbles in the bath, bubbles in a drink (champagne maybe or a sparkling rosea would look cool in the right glass)and then bubbles that the kids blo...

Monday 29 March 05:13am

lisad76 replied to topic Night Terrors

Ben had them for about 6 months - scared the crap out of me the first time. I found that I had to talk thru the days events with him a few times so he could process in his mind what he had done b4 ...

Sunday 21 March 07:11am

lisad76 replied to topic just given some bad news

My Mum had a constant feeling that she had a boogie stuck in her sinus passage and mentioned it to the Dr in passing - they did a heap of tests and turned out she had diabetes. They then sent her...

Sunday 28 February 10:31pm

lisad76 replied to topic etiqette question

I bought $300 of stuff at a undercoverwear party when I was preg - just the tracky pants and things as I thought they would be comfy. Never again.. - sizing was so far out it wasnt funny - I was a ...

Sunday 28 February 10:09pm

lisad76 replied to topic Honest opinions wanted.... (sorry, long post!)

our daycare started off as nut free. Now it has a child who is allergic to nuts, eggs, grains, lavender - the list goes on. This has caused lots of change - for example birthday cakes can be taken...

Sunday 28 February 09:55pm

lisad76 replied to topic At my wits end

I have been going thru the same with Ben - nothing worked apart from a star chart - bright star stickers for good behaviour and crosses for not listening / doing as I asked... I made sure he got lo...

Sunday 28 February 09:04pm

lisad76 replied to topic Big Sister pressie?

When my nephew was born the nurses presented my niece with a Big Sister badge (just a piece of coloured cardboard and a pin) she was wrapped as she then had something she could show everyone. Also ...

Wednesday 17 February 03:49pm

lisad76 replied to topic where do you put your towels and dunny paper?

I have spare rolls hanging in one of those material holders that used to be around years ago - still see them from time to time at markets - that holds 3 and the others are stacked in the garage if...

Friday 12 February 12:31pm

lisad76 replied to topic how young is "too young" to start feeding solids?

At the moment they say 6 months, but hey, next week they might change the recomendations again. I was fed farex from 12 weeks, and have no medical problems, but we did want to wait with our kids un...

Sunday 31 January 08:53pm

lisad76 replied to topic OMG!!!!!! :)

Just check with your photographer b4 if u plan on wearing sunscreen - a lot put a layer on the skin which then reflects back in photos making u look pale and washed out - not a good look..Lots of p...

Saturday 05 September 06:18am
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