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kinga replied to topic Breastfeeding and pressure to bottle feed

Hi Kerryn, Karryn I'd firstly like to congratulations on doing such a great job, there is nothin quite like the feeling of feeding your little ones and seeing them thrive on your milk. Don't let a...

Wednesday 03 January 10:12am

kinga replied to topic Fighting with the breast- Why now??

Hi, I just came across your post. I am currently brestfeeding my fourth baby and have found with all of mine that what you are describing as what babies tend to do as they become more skilled at dr...

Friday 27 October 09:44am

kinga replied to topic Due in February 2006!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone, We are currently expecting our fourth baby, due on the 25th Feb 2005. A couple of days ago we found out that it's going to be a girl. I'm so excited. We already have a six year old gir...

Friday 14 October 07:15pm

kinga replied to topic Your Names....

Hi Samantha, We currently have three children and one on the way and these are their names: Cassandra (Cassie) Amy Brittany (Bea) Elizabeth Julian (Jay) Thomas Bub to be: Isabella Naomi Hope this h...

Friday 14 October 06:56pm
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