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mumtor replied to topic Breast Milk drying up help..

Hi Fe! Firstly congratulations on the birth of your Son. Feeding dramas just aren't fair. Sometimes it feels like it is just all spiralling out of control & you just want it all to get better. I of...

Friday 26 May 05:07pm

mumtor replied to topic help wot do i do??

Hi! My DS is 10 months also & his arvo nap is the worst too. Most days it now takes me over an hour to get him down, but i just keep going until he gets there. Sorry i dont have any constructive a...

Sunday 09 April 12:14pm

mumtor replied to topic sleep consultant

Hi Denae, Its so hard when you just cant figure out what is going on. I can remeber having a good cry a few times. Firstly i want to say you are a great mum and no matter what you do you will alway...

Sunday 09 April 11:52am

mumtor replied to topic Tell us all about your little one...

Ray will be 7 months on christmas day & he cut his first tooth today (i think. i looked & it was just there LOL). He rolls around on the floor all the time. He has rolled in bed twice. He likes to ...

Thursday 22 December 06:44pm

mumtor replied to topic breastfed and not pooing

Hello! My 6 month old breastfed baby goes on all different days, sometimes everyday, sometimes once a week. as long as he is passing wind that means his gut is working so there are no problems. i ...

Tuesday 06 December 05:52pm

mumtor replied to topic Pregnancy & Friends Reactions

Hello! Firstly CONGRATULATIONS!!! my story- My sister was trying to fall pregnant for months unsuccessfully then in july had a huge bleed & found out she had ovarian cysts, so she had surgery & ha...

Sunday 04 December 07:53pm

mumtor replied to topic Never do anything right...

Hello. Please first accept my sympathies for your loss. I dont co-sleep as my baby wont settle with us in the bed, but my friend still does with her 6 month old & it is still going well for her. I...

Sunday 04 December 07:26pm

mumtor replied to topic Chicken

our CHN suggested ripping the chicken into little strips, a bit like tuna comes. we arent up to that stage though, so i dont know what it would be like to try. good luck. Fiona

Thursday 24 November 02:52pm

mumtor replied to topic finger foods(help)

hello, my boy is only 6 months so i havent run into your problems yet. i can email you some ideas from another site if you like. my email is please email me & i can ge...

Thursday 24 November 01:31pm

mumtor started new topic EBM vs water in rice cereal

i was wondering if it makes much of a nutritional difference to mix the rice cereal for a 6 month old with EBM or water. he will eat it either way, but since he is still receiving breastmilk feeds,...

Thursday 24 November 07:56am

mumtor replied to topic excercise

hello. i am up still too. LOL my ECHN has lost 12kilos going to curves & weight watches. she looks fabulous. Congratulations on your effort. hope i can get motivated soon. my baby is 6 months old.

Wednesday 23 November 09:29pm

mumtor replied to topic Yellow skin

Hello. one of the ECHN's mentioned to our mums group that if you feed too many yellow/orange vegetables your babies nose might go yellow. thats the only thing i have heard about (apart from jaundic...

Wednesday 23 November 03:07pm

mumtor replied to topic Any cool birthdates??

my bubby is 25/05/05

Thursday 03 November 08:00pm
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