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B&Esmum replied to topic just turned 4 and won't TT properly

thank god there is other people with the same troubles im going nuts with my almost 3yrd she poos and wees herself all the time,when we are home sometimes she goes to the loo,she was so good abou...

Friday 15 June 03:27pm

B&Esmum started new topic web site gone missing

Hi all just need some help here i logged on to a great site the other day but forgot to put on my favs!!!!! I think it was call parentsbarkyard,,but when i have tried to log on its saying it close...

Saturday 09 December 03:22pm

B&Esmum started new topic playgroup in mundijong

hi guys ,any one from that area? im looking to join a play group,ive not been to as of yet! i have looked up the play group ASC but it was not listed, thank you tracy

Wednesday 03 May 12:21pm

B&Esmum replied to topic Anyone know of a doctor on the Rockingham area that delivers at Peel HC or Rockingham H?

hi kristi... i went to see dr Bouviere in woodbridge PH 95924411 he is fantanstic, so casually .and easy going plus nos he stuff! Hospitals! my sister in law had her first one in rocko and she lu...

Wednesday 18 January 12:15pm

B&Esmum replied to topic multiple birth parents

hi lyn im tring to get on to the site it keeps saying that it cant find it help please tracy

Wednesday 28 December 12:23pm

B&Esmum replied to topic IVF mum's - want to chat?

hi i have one frozen embryo left,do you know if you have to have all the drugs before the transfer. YES i had some funny comments as well,i was lucky second attempt fell preggos with twins b/g.... ...

Thursday 01 December 11:26am

B&Esmum replied to topic Boys Playing With Dollies

i have twins 15mths old b/g,braydon plays with ellies dollies all the time, its so cute to watch him , he copies what ellie does by cradling the doll in hes arms and patting her bum. i wear a shoul...

Friday 18 November 04:24pm

B&Esmum started new topic olives

hi guys ,my two are 15mthsold and love olives,pickle onions, ect... at lunch we have pickie food. tins of tuna and salomon.ham .all sorts ,does anyone know if olives have to much salt in them i don...

Sunday 06 November 09:12pm

B&Esmum replied to topic 14 mths, started waking through the night..

braydon ust to do that ,it couldbe night terrors , they are dreaming of mum and dad not being around ,(seperate anxiety attacks) they ussallay start it around 13-15mths braydon has only started sle...

Sunday 06 November 09:00pm

B&Esmum started new topic 15mth old routine

hi guys ,just wondering about my twos routine.they are still having two naps a day,also three bottles i"v been told to drop the afternoon bottle.but they still dont eat that much,,,they have about ...

Tuesday 01 November 10:30pm

B&Esmum replied to topic bone clicking

yes i have notice that too ,i have twins when we pick them up it sounds like their spines are cracking i wonder what it is tracy

Sunday 30 October 11:53am

B&Esmum replied to topic Left or right handed?

hi twins are 15mths old ellie first started to use her left hand for everthing but now she has swaped to her right hand ,sometimes i have notice she gets frustrated with the spoon in her...

Sunday 30 October 11:45am

B&Esmum replied to topic help with bath time

hi my two are 14mths old we had the lay down type of seats. but now they keep standing up we have just got one of those rubber bath mats in the bath so they dont slip and when we wash their...

Sunday 23 October 11:30am

B&Esmum replied to topic How to help my 14 month old to walk

hi my thoughts exactly,i kept on wishing my two could walk went and brought them a walking machine play songs and all sorts, made by leap frog and yes within a week ellie was walking,but braydon s...

Wednesday 19 October 12:45pm

B&Esmum replied to topic wanting to meet parents around the mundijong/byford area

hi zee,we are moving to munijong in about 6mths building a house there i have 14mth old twins love to get to know someone up. tracy

Sunday 16 October 12:46pm

B&Esmum started new topic new game ideas for 14mts old twins

hi guys . just need a few more ideas on how to keep my little darlings entertained........ we play books ect ect .. is crayons to young yet? please help .....tracy

Saturday 15 October 06:43pm

B&Esmum started new topic 2 naps down to 1

hi two still are having two naps a day they are 14mths old, wake up about 6am,nap between 9 till 10.30.back to bed around 1.30 till 3-3.30,then bed time at 7pm they sleep all night .....i...

Saturday 15 October 12:46pm

B&Esmum replied to topic When to stop formula???

hi shell,my two are 14mths old Ive got them on cows milk for breakfast plus any sauces i make for dinner,they have pretty much the same food as we do now . but i have got them on nestle toddler gol...

Saturday 15 October 12:10pm

B&Esmum started new topic when no means no

hi guys my name is tracy,im a sahm of b/g twins that are 14mths old im having trouble with the no word ellie just dosnt listen,when she gets hold of something she is not aloud to have ,she laughs a...

Saturday 15 October 08:15am
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