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cathk started new topic fun activities

hi everyone, just wanting to know what kind of great activites you do to keep your kiddies busy. My boys are 3 and 1 and enjoy dress-ups, cooking (real or pretend), painting, drawing etc, reading a...

Tuesday 15 July 04:47pm

cathk replied to topic Suggestions for 9 month old please!!

thanks mummycat. His paed is giving me a referral to an allergy clinic. He was reluctant for this to be done before 12 months. I can understand why but also agree with your philosophy of avoiding a...

Tuesday 25 March 07:08pm

cathk replied to topic Suggestions for 9 month old please!!

how did you find out about the allergy, and which formula do you use? soy based? my DS, 10 months, is breastfed and comes up in hives whenever he comes into contact with dairy. Even when daddy kiss...

Sunday 16 March 10:57am

cathk replied to topic Breast Pump Advice

hello! I agree on both counts - the Advent one is gentle, though on the down side, it doesnt attach to normal size bottles (ie you have to use their ones and then transfer). Pur (if they still make...

Saturday 22 December 06:53pm

cathk replied to topic all i seem to do is yell!

My oldest son is now 2.5 years and is starting to get better. Likewise, we have been trying the 'time out' corner thing as our main discipline source, and he always just kept coming out, and then w...

Saturday 22 December 11:31am

cathk replied to topic To wrap or not to wrap!

advice for me too please! mine is 5 months, rolls around, gets himself a bit tangled up, or just gets out of it. The wrap still works as a signal, but I suspect it is time for it to go. Should I we...

Sunday 14 October 06:09am

cathk started new topic kiddies who take their nappies off at night

hello, this is for all those whose kiddies take their nappies (and pants) off at night... We've just discovered that Big W have a type of pjs where the top actually buttons into the pants - at the...

Sunday 15 July 04:18pm

cathk started new topic How many times should we attempt to resettle?

Hi, I need advice on when to stop trying with resettling. Our 9 week old self settles, but quite often wakes after his first sleep cycle. We then try to resettle (leave in basinette, pat until he ...

Monday 09 July 10:36am

cathk replied to topic Yelling toddler;frustrated mummy

well.. the star chart was great for a couple of days. Everytime he started playing up I'd gently remind him that he had to do better to get the star. He loved it, and I really saw some altered beha...

Saturday 09 June 09:33am

cathk replied to topic Yelling toddler;frustrated mummy

thanks!! have continued ignoring, seeing some progress. Also started a Star chart, which he loves! I just use it at mealtimes. If he doesnt yell or throw things, he gets a star. Impact has been qui...

Sunday 03 June 07:48am

cathk started new topic Yelling toddler;frustrated mummy

hello all, anyone have any thoughts on my yelling 2yo? We have a newborn now, so DS yells at the top of his voice when he is not getting our full attention. If we ignore him, he gets louder. Someti...

Wednesday 30 May 01:40pm

cathk started new topic 20 months old and climbing out of cot

Does anyone else have a budding rock climber in the family? My son starting climbing out of his cot just before he was 20 months. Our next bub is due around his 2nd birthday, but we were hoping t...

Friday 19 January 12:10pm

cathk replied to topic protein intollerance in cows mild

I am allergic to wheat and milk, and my 19 month old is lactose intolerant, so I've done a lot of cooking without milk. I've found that soy milk works well as a replacement in most things. You can...

Wednesday 13 December 11:33am

cathk replied to topic Return of Menstral Cycle

Are you breastfeeding at night? I found that as soon as I dropped the night-time breastfeed, I became pregnant, and didnt even have one period!

Friday 25 August 06:53am

cathk started new topic pregnant again and still breastfeeding

I have a 15 month old who is currently having 3 BFs per day, and I am also 3 weeks pregnant. I would like to continue breastfeeding for the interim, but would like to reduce to 2 feeds. Is 2 breast...

Friday 25 August 06:49am

cathk replied to topic 1st birthday

Had our little fella's 1st bday on Saturday. It was so much fun! Went from 11-1pm and mostly just adult friends and family with a couple of bubs. Birthday boy loved seeing everyone and playing with...

Tuesday 09 May 06:59am
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