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Luckymum replied to topic how old for single bed??

Hi, I put my now 2yo daughter in a bed at 11 months-when she started walking(i was expecting baby number 2)-she never looked back and never fell out. She now plays in her room until she is ready ...

Wednesday 23 November 08:15pm

Luckymum replied to topic I think I'm over feeding!!!!!

Hi, My daughter is only 17 weeks old and already weighs over 7kgs(also very chubby and cute), my hubby worries that we overfeed her, we go for four month needles on friday so i will check. She o...

Wednesday 23 November 07:53pm

Luckymum replied to topic getting up through the night dad - have you resigned your job to HIM???

My hubby has done the night duty with both our daughters. Both were cesarean so i needed the help for the first few days at home anyway, and BF didnt work with either. We were lucky enough that th...

Tuesday 08 November 06:42pm

Luckymum replied to topic Should you wake baby for night feeds

with both my girls i woke them every 4 hrs during the day( if they needed to be woken) and let them sleep at night from 6pm onwards. That way they learn the difference between night and day. My old...

Monday 03 October 07:31pm

Luckymum started new topic 10 wk old sleep habits

HiMaree I have a ten week old baby girl who sleeps 12-13 hrs at night then wakes for a bottle( about 200mls) then goes back t...

Monday 03 October 06:05pm
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