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jett2005 started new topic 2yr olds and sport

hi i was wondering if anyone has there 2year olds involved in any sport. i have a very active and sometimes bored 2yr old and i really want to get him involved in some kind of dance, gym, soccor, a...

Wednesday 12 December 07:15pm

jett2005 replied to topic 3 1/2 month old sleeping less during the day

Hi, My son hated sleeping during the day and when he did it would be only for a very short time. I got him a play gym and places him under that... theyre great! they keep baby entertained for ag...

Monday 15 October 04:38am

jett2005 replied to topic grow bag and fire danger tag

hi, im pretty sure all grow bags have the same tag... I know my sons one did... I wouldnt be worried about it too much.. its just a warning. Unless you sleep your baby near an open fire or on a ...

Monday 15 October 04:35am

jett2005 replied to topic Confused about the dreamfeed

hi kel, i use to give jett his dream feed even when he was totally in a deep sleep...he was bottle fed so this may have made it easier.... i would just rub the teet of the bottle on his lips and h...

Monday 15 October 04:22am

jett2005 replied to topic Baby won't sleep HELP GOING INSANE!!!

Hi Cindy... How are you feeling today? You are definatly not alone in this stressful time. I know when my son was that young he didnt like going to sleep and I would be trying every different way ...

Monday 15 October 04:15am

jett2005 replied to topic Not Talking Yet?

Hi, Im in the same boat. Jett is 22 months and only says a coulple of words. He'll say "mum" and "nan" and "gone"... he whispers, "car", "cold" "hot" and thats pretty much his vocabulary... I worry...

Friday 12 October 04:59pm

jett2005 replied to topic What age should a toddler be off the bottle

Hi, My son is 22months and is still on his bottle. He refuses to give it up. Ive tried giving him loads of food to fill him up so he doesnt need his milk but i think he is just having it from habbi...

Friday 12 October 04:52pm

jett2005 replied to topic Hay Fever

hi boppi, you can get some CLARATYNE syrup. its for 1-12 years. i have given it to jett and he's 12 months old. otherwise, just go with the balsum and vaporisor. good luck

Saturday 17 February 02:47pm

jett2005 started new topic sucks all his food

hi mums, i know this isnt really normal. Jett is almost 14months and he still isnt eating properly. Ill give him some bread or toast and he just wants to suck it. there doesnt seem to be anyway o...

Saturday 17 February 07:31am

jett2005 started new topic when do they become toddlers?

Hi all, Just a quik question... It may sound like a dumb one at that too but, When does my baby go from being a baby to a toddler? Jett is 12 1/2 months and I still feel like he is a baby... wel...

Friday 12 January 06:30am

jett2005 started new topic 12 months and STILL on puree

Hi, I going insane... Is it normal for a 12 month to still be on 4month puree food? God..... tell me its all going to be ok. I have tried giving Jett a piece of toast in the mornings and he'll l...

Sunday 24 December 07:58am

jett2005 replied to topic water at night

hi sarah, im in the same boat as you.... jett is 12months and still is waking at least once a night.... more at the moment coz he's teething but, usually he'll wake around 2 for a feed. im not BF ...

Sunday 17 December 01:02pm

jett2005 replied to topic wont open mouth but will eat it when it is in there

hi chantal... OMG. i thought i was the only one who seems to have the trauma of going throught his mouth not opening thing every feed.... Ill tell you what i have to do nearly every feed... i ha...

Saturday 16 December 06:14am

jett2005 replied to topic yoghurt?

Hi again. thanks so much for your quick replies. I feel better knowing that our yoghurt is better for them and ok to give. I just dont understand why they add so much sugar to baby food when ther...

Saturday 09 December 02:01pm

jett2005 started new topic yoghurt?

hi mums, I was just wondering if or when its ok to give babies yoghurt? I dont mean the vaalia or the other baby type yoghurts, i mean the big people yoghurt? Jett is almost 12 months and when ever...

Saturday 09 December 08:28am

jett2005 replied to topic Throwing\nodding head back

hey michelle, jett used to do the same thing. what am i saying... he still does and he's nearly 12 months. Ive never been sure why he does do it but, he does. Im sorry i cant give you a reason as ...

Saturday 09 December 08:24am

jett2005 replied to topic Safe-n-sound retractor model car seats?

hey, we bought jett one of the retractor model car seats and we find it to be great. im pretty sure its the safe n sound one your talking about but, its the "merridian" model. with the straps havin...

Saturday 28 October 05:17am

jett2005 replied to topic cradle cap??

hi kelly, it sounds like it is cradle cap. jett had the same colouring in his scalp too whe he was younger too. i didnt put anything in his head, like oil. i used to just wash it with his normal ba...

Tuesday 24 October 04:35am

jett2005 replied to topic Glue Ear

hi please excuse my ignorance...i guess you could call it but, what is glue ear? and what are grommets? sorry for asking but, i like to learn about all the different things that babies have....

Friday 20 October 10:16am

jett2005 replied to topic what to buy for xmas

hey chantal, were getting jett a lot of stuff that makes noise!! he loves to bang and tap and play with anything that makes noise. we're going to be getting him a set of little bongo drums... they ...

Friday 20 October 07:18am
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