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Bec74 replied to topic home day care

Hi, my son Caleb has been going to Family Daycare for three days a week for the last month. He loves it! They do all kinds of activities, like puzzles, drawing, painting, reading, playing outside, ...

Sunday 17 August 04:57am


My three year old takes Cenovis Vita-Mini's. He loves them!

Tuesday 22 April 04:11pm

Bec74 started new topic Weaning off Lovan Side Effects?

Hi, I have just stopped taking Lovan after weaning myself off for 6 weeks...I have noticed that my face is very tingly, especially around my mouth. Does anyone know if this is a side effect when co...

Tuesday 22 April 04:08pm

Bec74 replied to topic HELP!!!! TODDLER WON'T STAY IN HIS BED!!!

Hi Jodi, just noticed your post. I am having the same problem, seems like all toddlers go through this when they go from cot to big bed. I am actually sitting here on the computer as my son screams...

Thursday 10 January 11:12am

Bec74 replied to topic Grobags

My son is 2 1/2 and we have used the Grobags from 6 months of age. I plan on using them until he doesn't fit in it any more! He's in the biggest size 36 months...not sure how he will go when he doe...

Friday 07 September 04:30pm

Bec74 started new topic Overseas Travel with a 20 month old!

Hi, Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. My husband and I are going over to America in Feb for three weeks to visit family. It will be our 20 month old's first trip on a plane. As it...

Saturday 13 January 08:39am

Bec74 replied to topic Lovan

Hi ashtonsmum, I have been taking Lovan 20 for about 2 months now. At first I did lose a little of my apeitite, but that soon subsided. I just made sure that I ate something even if I wasn't hungry...

Monday 03 July 02:51pm

Bec74 replied to topic PND AGAIN! HELP HELP HELP

Hi, I am also taking Lovan for PND. It did take about 5 weeks for it to kick in though. I feel great now, more like my old self, but it is hard at first. You just have to give the meds a chance to ...

Saturday 17 June 07:28am

Bec74 replied to topic Which thermometer?

I have a Vicks Ear Thermometer and have had trouble with the readings as well. I used it the other night when my son had a fever and it was reading 33 degrees! Way too low, I then resorted to the n...

Sunday 11 June 03:58pm

Bec74 replied to topic How to keep warm at night

I have used a Gro Bag since my son was about 5 months old. He is now 12 months old and we still use one. He also used to kick his covers off and would wake through the night cold. I find the Gro Ba...

Saturday 29 April 06:32am

Bec74 replied to topic First Birthday Cake Ideas

I just ordered a sponge cake from the Cheescake Shop. He loved it!

Saturday 29 April 06:04am

Bec74 replied to topic my toddler has bad breath (sometimes) and my mother says he has a swollen mouth

Hi, my 11 month old son sometimes has smelly breath in the morning or after a really long sleep. It's not really bad, but I do notice it sometimes. It could be due to teething, but my son still doe...

Thursday 30 March 09:52am

Bec74 replied to topic Tip Toe while baby sleeps

Hi, I also tend to be really quiet when my son is asleep. We live in a two bedroom unit, so everything is close to his room! I usually get most of my housework done while he is awake and then usual...

Friday 10 March 08:12am

Bec74 replied to topic Musical Projector

Hi, I have a similar product, it's a Fisher Price model with little birds that flutter around and plays music. It also has a setting for 8 minutes where it shuts itself off. I have used this since ...

Sunday 12 February 06:30pm

Bec74 replied to topic Nan 1 ha gold

Hi, my son has been on Nan Ha 1, now 2, since 6 weeks of age. His poos have always been dark green. I would certainly check with your MHN or GP if it is still black.

Friday 20 January 07:36am

Bec74 replied to topic Restless sleeper during day-Help!

Hi Laura, Don't know if I will be much help, but from about 3-6 months my little boy would only sleep maybe 20 minutes at a time. I would put him down for a nap about every hour but that was about ...

Sunday 08 January 08:22am

Bec74 replied to topic any other "missy cloth" bubs

Hi, My 8 month old son has a blankie. It's about the size of a handercheif. He uses it every time he goes to sleep. He just loves it. He likes to put it over his face when he goes off to sleep. Whe...

Saturday 07 January 08:37am

Bec74 replied to topic Car seats

Hi, I heard it was 8 kgs or 12 months old. Whichever comes first. I may have to turn my 8 month old son around before then though becuase his feet are starting to hit the back of the seat.

Saturday 07 January 08:24am

Bec74 replied to topic Nappy Changing Tips

Hi, I usually give my 8 month old son the baby powder to hold. Just make sure you have twisted the top closed, the other day I forgot to and let's just say there was powder everywhere!!! At least h...

Saturday 07 January 08:22am

Bec74 replied to topic Routines

Hi Natasha, Wow, your routine is almost exactly the same as mine! Just wish sometimes mine would sleep a little longer through the day. He varies anyware between 1/2 hour - 2 hour naps. Bec

Friday 06 January 05:57pm
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