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mars73 replied to topic help! reoccuring chest infections/ nose,ear,throat,chest infections

Hi there Sorry I don't have any great ideas but I can sympathise. DS1 has had croup 3 times this year - just getting over the last bout now. It isn't easy but from what I can see you are doing eve...

Friday 28 September 12:03pm

mars73 replied to topic RH Negative, Antibodies?

Hello The short answer is that you will need injections while you are pregnant to prevent your body building an immunity to RH positive blood cells. The reason for this is if your first baby has p...

Wednesday 26 July 05:19pm

mars73 replied to topic 'Babywise' Mums

Hi Jane We followed (tried to follow) the Babywise routines. I found it quite difficult about this too. What I ended up doing was establishing a time like 7 am as a wake up time. If bubs got up h...

Tuesday 25 April 07:19pm

mars73 replied to topic Mucous and sniffles?

Hi Can I ask whether you gave birth naturally or by c/section? I had a c/section and our little man was very sniffly for about 10 weeks. He was born in the middle of winter though. If bubs are bor...

Friday 20 January 09:15pm

mars73 replied to topic Marriage break ups?

Hi Karins Sorry to hear the bad news, what a rotten time of the year for it to happen, although there is never a good time to hear this sort of thing. The only thing you can probably do right now ...

Monday 02 January 09:42am

mars73 started new topic VBAC's...anyone had one or planning one

Hi there We had an emergency c/section with our first and hubby and I have agreed that we would like a VBAC for no 2. Not TTC yet, maybe after bub's first birthday. Just wondering where everyone h...

Wednesday 21 December 04:18pm

mars73 replied to topic Capsule Hire in WA

Hi there Congrats on bubs Try Red Cross or KidSafe at PMH. A girlfriend hired hers from Red Cross and more than happy. Contact number for kidsafe is 93408509. They will also check any car seat for...

Wednesday 19 October 02:40pm
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