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shaylee05 replied to topic What time does your baby go to bed at night?

Arabella is nearly 10 months old and she goes to bed between 6-7pm usually around 6.30pm as by this time she is exhausted. She sleeps around 12 hours also, she normally wakes up around 6-7am in th...

Friday 06 January 07:45am

shaylee05 replied to topic Any young Brisbane mums up for a chat???

Hi tahliasmum, i am 20 and live in brisbane and my little girl, Arabella is also 8 months old, what date was Tahlia born on?? My email address is or shayleecramb@hotmail....

Friday 25 November 12:21pm

shaylee05 started new topic How Much Does Your 8month Old Weigh?

Hello, my 8.5month old baby girl, Arabella weighs 8.5kgs. Just wondering what all the other bubs around this age weigh and what milestones they have achieved?

Friday 25 November 09:52am

shaylee05 replied to topic Anyone in brisbane??

Hi Larissa, I am 20 years old and have a 61/2 month old (09/03/05) her name is Arabella. I live on the north side of brisbane as well. Where abouts do you live? What is your little girl up to at...

Saturday 01 October 01:21pm
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